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Cleanliness and Structure

  • Premises is clean and hygienic

  • A dedicated hand wash basin is provided with warm running water via a common spout

  • A separate sink is provided for the cleaning of equipment

  • Floors and walls are constructed with a material that is durable smooth, impervious to moisture and capable of being easily ccleaneed

  • Walls behind and wash basins, sinks and shampoo troughs have impervious sheeting or tiled splash back which extend from floor level to a height of 450mm above unit and 150mm on either side of unit

  • Construction of premises is free from open joints, gaps, cracks, crevices and generally kept in good repair

  • Premises is provided with adequate ventilation

  • Shelves, fittings, fixtures and furniture are covered with a material that is durable, smooth, impervious to moisture and capable of being easily cleaned


  • Equipment is clean and stored in a clean, dry and dust free environment before reuse

  • Hospital grade disinfectant is used to clean equipment and is within the expiry date

  • Clean linen, garments and towels are used on each client

  • Soiled and clean equipment is store separately

  • Cleaning equipment is maintained in a clean condition and in good repair

  • Chemicals are stored in a cool, dry and well ventilated area

  • Waste disposal bin(s) are provided

  • Sharps bin(s) are provided for the disposal of sharps

  • Are sharps disposed of via a licensed contractor and receipts available

Personal Hygiene

  • Soap and single use towels are provided at hand wash basin(s)

  • Hands are washed immediately before and after attending to a client and before attending to the next client, or if the procedure is interrupted

  • Operators are not eating or drinking while attending to clients

  • Animals are not in rooms where procedures are carried out

  • No smoking in public access areas

  • Cuts and abrasions are covered by clean waterproof dressing

  • Up to date first aid kit is available

  • Clean clothing is worn at all times

  • Personal protective clothing is worn when necessary

  • Equipment (non penetrating) is cleaned after each use with detergent, warm water and physical action and dried before use.

Skin Penetration Procedures

  • Steriliser is provided to sterilise re-usable equipment i.e. Autoclave / Dry heat steriliser only

  • If autoclave used, is current certificate of calibration available

  • Records are kept for each sterilisation cycle and maintained (time, date, length of time, temperature and pressure of autoclaving)

  • Pre-packaged sterile items are stored in clean and dry area to avoid contamination

  • Articles used to penetrate the skin are sterile before each use

  • Articles used to penetrate skin are sterilised before re-use or disposed of immediately

  • Single-use disposable items are disposed of immediately after use

  • New sterile gloves are worn for direct contact with sterile items and during procedures

  • Ear piercing guns are solely used for the purpose of ear piercing

  • Approved skin antiseptic is used to prepare skin and is within expiry date

Waxing Procedures

  • Single use disposable gloves are worn during procedure and disposed of immediately

  • Wax is disposed of immediately after procedure

  • Single use spatulas are used once only and are not re-dipped

  • Re-usable equipment is cleaned appropriately between each use

  • Single use items are disposed of immediately after use

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