Inventory of hazardous chemicals is current (within one year)

All containers are properly labeled with product identified and a hazard warning.

SDSs are readily available for each hazardous material on inventory.

Chemicals stored properly: Insecticides, Detergents/Sanitizers and Caustics/Acids/Polishes

Eyewash station available for continuous 15-minute flow.

Aisles clear and floors clean.

Compressed gas cylinders stored in upright position with protective caps in place.

Step ladder of sufficient height to reach top of storage without standing on top 2 steps.

Sharp edges are identified and eliminated

Bump hazards are eliminated.

Falling hazards are eliminated.

Proper personal protective equipment used when handling chemicals (see SDS)

Chemical hazard communication training received by all employees and documentation in personnel files (current within one year)


All electrical cords are in good condition.

Extension cords are not used in lieu of permanently installed fixed wiring.

Cover plates, switches, outlets, etc are in good condition.

Electrical panel boxes closed and accessibility is not blocked.

Equipment is grounded or double insulated.

Lockout/tagout procedures in place and staff is trained.

Ground plugs on equipment in good condition.

Motors are clean and properly lubricated.

Emergency shut-down switches insulated and easily accessible

Emergency generators are tested weekly.

Switches and circuit breakers are marked to indicate equipment/areas controlled.

Work sites are clean and orderly.

All areas free of excessive trash/storage.

Control Panels have a minimum 36” of unobstructed work space in front and are closed


Exit routes unobstructed.

Exits clearly marked with illuminated signs.

Emergency lighting provided for all occupied areas and tested monthly.

Emergency evacuation plans posted.

All doors in exit path kept closed.

Lighting is adequate.

Handrails provided on all stairs.

Adequate number of exits provided.

Exit doors are operable in the path of exit travel without the use of a key or any special knowledge

All power tools are equipped with guards.

All ladders are in good condition.

Eye, face and hand personal protection equipment is available and in good condition.

Fire extinguishers are properly mounted, accessible and maintained.

All fire alarms are unobstructed.

Fire doors are proper operational condition and unobstructed.

Do employees know how to report a fire?

Flammable liquids are stored in FM approved or UL listed safety containers.


All floors are clear of debris and dry.

Shelves and racks are of adequate strength and are secured.

Walk off mats used where needed.

All mats are in good condition.

Receiving area free of bump/slip/trip hazards.

Custodial closets neat and clean.

Custodial carts properly stocked and clean

Custodial chemicals, spray bottles labeled.

Wet floor signs used properly.

Employees frequently receive training on correct lifting techniques.

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