• Name of Customer

  • Contact number for Customer

  • Survey Type

  • Email for customer (if applicable)

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location


  • Type of site surveyed

  • Height of Building

  • Roof in Between so ladders can be used

  • Access to Roof

Roof details

  • Roof / building name where PVs installed

  • Roof orientation (approx)

  • More than one orientation used?

  • How many PVs per orientation? (4 is minimum)

  • Photos of property

  • Photos of roof to be installed (+obstructions, shading)

  • Select roof type

  • Flat Roof Mounting required (R250/PV extra)

  • Select roof construction

  • Width of roof in meters

  • Gutter to Ridge in meteres

  • Roof pitch (approx)

Structural roof details

  • General condition of roof timber


  • Are there any obvious shading issues

  • Extent of shading

Additional Informtion

  • Sketch of roof


  • Cable run to DB (Above 10metres will be quoted extra)

  • PV Cable to Inverter (Above 20metres will be quoted extra)

  • Cable Run Outside - requires conduit

Inverter location and fixing detail

  • Proposed location of Inverter

  • Does the cupboard have ventilation?

  • Photo of inverter location

  • WiFi Available?

  • Cellphone Network Available?


Main AC connection point

  • Single Phase or 3-Phase

  • Main AC connection Amps Rating

  • Photos of main AC DB

  • Which breakers to be moved to Inverter

  • Photo of breakers to be moved to Inverter

  • Dedicated line to split Sub DB

  • Total metres

  • Dedicated Solar Plugs

  • Total metres

  • Dedicated Eskom Plugs

  • Total Metres

  • Surface Mount Plugs?

  • Age of Property (approx


  • Older than 2 years

Any other information

  • Any other information

  • Any other sketches

  • Any other photos

  • Solar Panels discussed

  • Inverter Discussed

  • Battery Bank discussed

Sign off and management review

  • Surveyor Signature

  • Customer Signature

  • undefined

  • undefined

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