Project Details

  • Module Make & Model

  • Number of modules and Array DC sizing

  • Racking manufacturer

  • Racking type

  • Racking attachment method to building

  • Inverter manufacturer & model(s)

  • Monitoring Equipment Details

Building Structural

  • Structural reinforcements have been completed per Engineered Drawings

  • Final review has been completed by Engineer of Record

  • Final Building Permit sign-off has been completed by local Municipality

Racking Installation

  • Roof ballast installed per Engineering requirements or recommended practices

  • Roof penetrations are secure and weather tight

  • L feet brackets fastened securely and correctly to racking ballast

  • Front and rear rails secured correctly to 'L' feet brackets?

  • Rails and splices secured and fastened correctly

  • Fasteners torqued per manufacturers specifications and marked

  • Expansion joint rail bonding method present and installed correctly

  • Bonding method for entire racking system, present and installed correctly

PV Wiring

  • PV wiring preinstalled on racking and secured with clips and/or tie wraps

  • PVC conduit runs installed between racking for bonding and PV string wiring?

  • PV wiring secured with spiral wire wrap where required

  • PV wire end connectors installed and secure

  • PV wiring identified per string layout requirements

  • PV wiring neat and secured adequately to racking and modules

PV Module

  • PV Module model number matches construction plans

  • Number of PV Modules matches construction plans

  • PV Modules free form cracks and damage

  • Mid and end clamps present and secured correctly

  • Frame clamp positions meet module installation requirements

  • PV modules connected in series per string layout

DC Electrical Services

  • Combiner boxes installed correctly

  • PV wiring routed and installed to combiner boxes per construction plans and common practices

  • PV wiring secured adequately to terminals in combiner boxes

  • String voltage and polarity confirmed at combiner box terminals

  • String fusing installed and meets rated sizing for module strings

  • Home run conductors adequately secured to combiner box terminals

  • Racking bonding installed and secured in combiner box(s)

  • DC home run conductors installed, routed and secured per construction plans

  • Roof penetrations secure and weather tight

  • Underground trenching completed and returned to original condition where possible

Inverter(s) Installation

  • Correct inverter(s) installed and mounted securely

  • DC conductors routed tidily and secured to DC disconnect(s) or recombiner(s) where present

  • DC conductors connected correctly to inverter(s)

  • DC input voltage and polarity confirmed


  • Monitoring installed per approved monitoring plan

  • Is monitoring active

System Labeling

  • Equipment labels present per ESA requirements

  • Outdoor labels are rated to withstand elements


  • ESA final inspection certificate received for PV module installation

  • ESA connection authorization received for AC & DC electrical services

  • ESA final inspection certificate received for AC & DC electrical services

  • COVER and performance testing completed by LDC & Electrical Engineer

  • PV Analyser system check performed on array and documented

  • Operation of all AC & DC switches confirmed

  • Inverter(s) started up and operation confirmed

AC Electrical Services

  • Switchgear and cabinets present and installed correctly per construction plans and best practices

  • Has additional AC equipment been installed beyond construction plans (please detail)

  • New transformer installed along with required periphals

  • Underground trenching completed and returned to original condition where possible

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