• What Product are you Auditing

Correct Use of Equipment

  • Verify Scales have been leveled and free from contamination

  • Use correct colour coded utensils

  • Use approved knives

  • Use correct colour coded ingredient prep bags

Tractability Requirements

  • Review Ingredient Preparation Sheet - to ensure best before / date of Manufacture / lot numbers are being recorded

  • Review Ingredient Preparation Sheet - to ensure no ticks / crosses are being used

  • Verify the Ingredient Preparation Sheet isn't prefilled

Ordering Ingredients

  • Review Manufacturing S/O Material Requisition Sheet against the current Ingredient Preparation Sheet for accuracy

  • Inspect pallet for foreign matter contamination/damage/cleanliness/unsealed packaging

Set up of Weighted Ingredients

  • Inspect the Trolley Rack storing bags for cleanliness

  • Colour Coded Bags - verify the Preparation Operator is adhering to the colour standard

  • Ensure raw material is in date

  • Ensure scales are level and tared

  • Verify Correct bag opening procedure in being practiced

  • verify correct sealing of an opened/partially opened bags

  • Check that Part bags returned to warehouse must be sealed and double-bagged, with all traceability information and weight

Labeling and Decanted Ingredients

  • Review weighed materials not in their original packaging must be labelled with - Description, weight, batch number

  • Confirm the Batching Operator is using the correct Bag Opening Technique

  • Check prep bags for foreign matter contamination

  • Visual inspection of opened bags for foreign matter contamination. If there are any pieces of packaging cut off, check opened ingredient bag for missing pieces

Correct Labeling of Product not in its Original Packaging

  • Check that all ingredients not in its original bags and decanted ingredients are all labelled with SAP code, material description, weight and batch n umber/best before/date of manufacture

  • Label trolley ID tags with SAP code, biscuit description, number of doughs, date of manufacture, weight and number of units

  • Check the surrounding area to ensure a Clean as you go” principle is evident

  • Check to see that all rubbish/ingredient packaging is being disposed in the rubbish bag

  • Auditor to Sign at Completion of Audit

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