Job Trailer

  • First aid kit properly stocked?

  • Emergency phone numbers posted?

  • Fire extinguisher in trailer/fire extinguisher notification posted?

House Keeping

  • Trash cans & dumpsters near by empty?

  • Work areas & hallway clean & free of debris?

  • Materials from other trades out of our way?

  • Scraps picked up or stacked out of the way?

  • Toilets clean?

Fire Prevention & Protection

  • Fire extinguisher on site & close to hot work?

  • Fully charged?

  • Inspection date?

  • Flammable storage properly isolated?

  • ANSI approved cans? Clearly marked?

  • Do not store flammables in enclosed space, next to stairways or near an exit.

  • Check gauges for lack of flow.

  • Adequate fire watch precautions taken?


  • Extension cords being connected to a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter(GFCI) ?

  • Ground plugs intact?

  • Tools grounded or double insulated?

  • Guards are in place?

  • Extension cords are in good conditions?


  • Footing must be sound no 2"x4"s or bricks.

  • Scaffold over 10' requires safety rails or being tied off.

  • Safety rails required on perry's at 6'.

  • All working areas of a scaffold must be fully planked.

  • All braces must be in place.

  • Scaffold sections must be pinned to avoid an uplift.

  • No riding on mobile scaffolds(skate boarding).

  • Base plates must be used when no casters are used.

  • All casters must have brakes.

  • Competent person on site? If no please explain?

  • Identify competent or qualified person.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

  • Hard hats being worn?

  • Ear plugs being used?

  • Safety glasses being worn? or side shields used with glasses?

  • Work boots being worn?

  • Sleeves on shirts (3" past shoulders)?

  • Harness-lanyards being used when required? Inspected before each use?

Fall Protection

  • 100% tie off over 6'?

  • Safety rails needed on any open areas exposing a fall hazard?

  • Fall protection being used when safety rails are not feasible?


  • All ladders must be tied off & set up to meet the 4 to 1 ratio.

  • Extension ladder extended 3' above ledge.

  • Proper use of a step/A-frame ladder.

  • Ladders must be be placed on a substantial base.

  • Ladders being inspected?

Power Tools

  • Power tools inspected daily?

  • Extension cords on tools are in good conditions?

  • Proper plug on cord ends?

  • All PPE being worn?


  • Supervisor's safety meeting completed once a week?

  • Safety meeting signage sheet & topic turned in?

  • MSDS, Hazcom & Safety Policy located with General Contractor or Builder?

  • Near miss reports turned in?

  • Are accidents reports turned into the office on the same day?

Superintendent or Supervisor conducting safety audit.

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