Flora Management

An ecological pre-clearance inspection has been completed for the clearing of vegetation and ground disturbance activities?

Survey pegs/markers have been installed delineating approved work areas and exclusion zones have been demarcated?

There has been no ground disturbance caused outside of the approved work areas or access tracks?

Fauna habitat including hollow logs and large debris has been salvaged and placed on the edge of the ROW to be used for reinstatement.

Fauna spotter catchers are in place during vegetation clearing and ground disturbance works where required?

Mature trees have been avoided where possible and clearing has been minimised through sensitive areas including waterways?

Vehicles and plant have remained within approved access tracks, RoW and other work areas?

Vegetation clearing and ground disturbance has been undertaken within approved and demarcated work areas only?

Soil Management, Erosion and Sediment Control

Approved ESC Plans have been developed by a suitably qualified person and has been implemented for the work areas inspected?

Topsoil has been stripped to the required depth level, stockpiled separately and is not contaminated or mixed with subsoil.

Topsoil stockpiles have not been compacted or traversed by construction traffic?

All applicable ESC measures have been installed and correctly in accordance to IECA BPESC requirements?

Do any ESC measures require maintenance or rectification works? If so, provide details.

Erosion has not been caused from construction activities and sediment has not been deposited downstream in waterways or other sensitive areas? If no, provide details.

Mud or excess soil has not been tracked or deposited onto public sealed roads?

Fauna Management

All sections of open trench and bell holes have been inspected during the day by fauna spotter prior to works commencing in the related work area?

Fauna captured have been relocated by a qualified fauna spotter catcher and interactions captured in the Collector App and Daily Environment Report?

Fauna ramps, refuges or other measures have been installed along open sections of trench?

End caps have been installed on the open end of welded pipeline strings by the end of the day?

The length of open trench has not exceeded the length capable of being inspected during the day?

Nocturnal pre-clearance inspections and relocation of golden-tailed geckos have been undertaken in areas of potential habitat before clearing takes place?

Biosecurity Management

All vehicles, machinery and equipment checked have been inspected by a suitably qualified person and contain a current/valid weed hygiene certificate?

No declared plants/weed species or animals have been introduced or spread resulting from construction activities?

Declared or significant weed species have been removed prior to ground disturbance activities and managed in accordance with the CEMP?

Project vehicles, machinery and equipment have been cleaned down in established and maintained clean down facilities?

3rd party inspections have been undertaken on vehicles and plant when required?

Weed hygiene clean down stations have up to date records in the log books?

Water Management

No contaminants have been released to land or water?

Controls are maintained limiting storm water entry to disturbed surfaces?

Waterway crossing works comply with the DAF Code of Accepted Development works and pre-works notifications have been submitted?

Construction water has been sourced from approved locations?

Construction water used meets water quality requirements?

Cultural Heritage

Signage is in place for areas requiring Cultural Heritage Monitoring and No Go Zones?

No disturbance or impact has been caused to Cultural Heritage significant areas?

Cultural Heritage Monitors in place for disturbance works requiring monitoring?

Clearance forms have been completed and provided by Cultural Heritage Monitors for required disturbance works?

Air Quality, Noise and Vibration

There are no dust issues and adequate mitigation controls are in place?

No legible complaints have been received from the public or landowners?

Approved access roads and tracks have been used to limit potential impact to sensitive areas?

Waste Management

Waste materials have been removed from work areas?

Waste is segregated and disposed of in the appropriate bin?

Waste bins are not overflowing and are emptied by a licensed waste contractor when required?

Chemicals and Hazardous Substances

Chemicals and hazardous substances are stored in or on an effective containment system or impervious bunded area?

Bunding capacity meets 110% capacity of the largest stored item?

Chemical storage and refueling has not been undertaken within close proximity of a water feature or drainage line?

Drip trays or other portable devices are used when refueling or underneath pumps in use?

Spill kits and adequate supplies are in place for work activities?

Spills have been reported, cleaned up and raised as a hazard?

Site Reinstatement

Work area have been progressively reinstated and are consistent with the surrounding natural landscape or pre-existing contours?

Subsoil has been ripped where compacted and topsoil has been spread evenly with a loose roughened surface?

ESC measures including diversion berms have been installed in accordance with the ESC Plan?

Drainage lines and waterways have been reinstated to pre-existing contours and slopes?

Drainage lines and waterways have been stabilised in accordance to approved specifications?

All materials, temporary facilities and waste has been removed from the work areas?

Soil treatment and seeding has been undertaken in accordance with approved specifications?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.