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Footing, Foundation, And Reinforcement

  • Date of Inspection

  • Registered professional inspection reports

  • BCLS Survey Received and Approved

  • Geotechnical Field Review Recieved

  • Soil conditions at footing level

  • Footing depths of not < 18" (frost)

  • Footing sizes and locations as per plan

  • Reinforcement as per engineering drawings

  • Other

  • Inspector Info

  • Inspection Status

Ground Work Plumbing

  • Water Test

  • Pressure Test

  • DWV ( Drain Waist Vent)

  • Vapour/Gas Barrier

  • Proper bedding and Slope

  • Clean out spacing and location

  • Other

  • Inspector Info

  • Inspection Status

Under Slab Prep

  • Insulation Approved

  • Vapour barrier Approved

  • Reinforcing meets design

  • Other

  • Inspector Info

  • Inspection Status

Perimeter Drain, RWL, and Damp Proofing

  • Select date

  • Site drainage/Perimeter drainage

  • Type and size of drain pipe

  • Damproofing to finished grade

  • Dry well or Rain garden installed as per drainage plan

  • Pipe bedding and silt management

  • Acceptable leader locations

  • Registered professional inspection report

  • Other

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  • Inspection Status

On-Site Services ( Sanitary, Storm, Water, Sump)

  • Select date

  • Depth of pipe below frost line

  • Pipe material and bedding

  • Connections and water test

  • Meter box inspection

  • Water Line Inspection/Sizing

  • Storm inspection

  • Sanitary inspection

  • Water on/off

  • Perimeter Drainage

  • Rain Water Leaders

  • Pre Slab inspection

  • Other

  • Add signature

  • Inspection Status

Rough-in Plumbing

  • Select date

  • Piping, slope, materials and sizing

  • Pipe layout and arrangement

  • Pipe Support and protection

  • Water Pressure test

  • Trap primers where required

  • Check valve assemblies

  • Venting

  • 1 -3" vent pipe through all floors

  • Pressure tests 200 lbs

  • Piping material approved

  • Piping support

  • Plumbers declaration

  • Freeze protection

  • Other

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  • Inspection Status


  • Penetrations properly sealed

  • Nailing patterns as per engineering

  • Windows to be properly sealed and flashed before paper

  • Windows to be installed as per manufactures specification

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  • Inspection Status


  • Select date

  • Registered professional inspection reports

  • Sealed truss drawings

  • Stamped drawings on site for inspection

  • Roof truss/rafter/joist installation and bracing

  • Roof beam construction and assembly

  • Roof sheathing

  • Roof ventilation

  • Roof point loads to foundation

  • Attic access ( quote code reference)

  • Exhaust fan insulated and terminated

  • Wall Framing
    ,spacing openings

  • Fire blocking/fire stop

  • Loads carried down to foundation

  • Sill plates separated from concrete and hold downs

  • Cut notched and drilled members

  • Door and window rough-in sizes

  • Stair construction: rise/run/headroom

  • Smoke alarm locations, rough in locations

  • Fireplace: framing/clearances

  • Masonry chimneys for solid fuel: liners and clean-outs

  • Confirm fire dampers are located in duct at fire seperations

  • Ramps, slopes, accessibility

  • Height of foundation walls above grade

  • Mechanical Protection or Siding before Insulation

  • Other

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  • Inspection Status

Tubs and Shower Tests

  • Tubs And Showers

  • Traps Installed

  • Water Tight assemblies

  • Other

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  • Inspection Status

Insulation/ Vapour barrier

  • Select date

  • RSI value, type and installation

  • Cross ventilation

  • Continuous vapor barrier

  • Sealed at all openings and plates

  • Insulation installed over the entire face of the insulated area.

  • Other

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  • Inspection Status

Radiant Floor Heating Assemblies

  • Engineer specifications and heat loss calculations submitted

  • Pipe work

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  • Inspection Status

Occupancy Inspection

  • Select date

  • Application complete

  • Schedules/ Field reports/Insurance

  • Electrical final inspection

  • Gas Final inspection

  • Final Survey

  • Substantial Completion

  • Title requirements met

  • Life safety concerns completed

  • Building Access/Egress

  • Code Compliance

  • Other

  • Occupancy Approved

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  • Inspection Status


  • Lot Grading

  • Curb and Sidewalk inspection

  • All outstanding documents received

  • Other

  • Final Approval

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  • Inspection Status

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