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SRM Rescue Wednesday Night Shift Duties

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  • What Crew are Completing the Checks

Wednesday Night Shift Duties

  • Rescue 1 washed, cleaned and refuelled

  • Rescue 3 washed, cleaned and refuelled

  • Rescue 4 washed, cleaned and refuelled

  • MSS 26 (Ambulance) washed, cleaned and refuelled

  • All benches wiped down and floors mopped

  • All rubbish bins emptied

Other Duties

  • Reciprocating Saw (SN:446071016405C2014) Checked

  • Reciprocating Saw Batteries Charged and Blades Changed if Worn

  • Thermal Imaging Camera Checked and Batteries Cycled

  • All Dolphin Torches Checked and Batteries Swapped

  • All Traffic Wands Checked

Security Patrol

  • Time crew starts Security Patrol

  • Peak Downs boundary gate checked

  • Ramp 4 Fuel Farm checkedT

  • Lake Vermont TAMs Gate 1
  • Lake Vermont TAMs Gate 2
  • Ramp 13 Fuel Farm checked

  • Top car park

  • Wide load gate

  • One mile dam gate

  • Airstrip gate

  • Bottom car park

  • Time crew completed Security Patrol

Site Access Centre Duties

  • All Visitors have been entered into TAMs for tomorrow

  • All Work Area Familiarisation (WAF's) have been put on visitor card, profile has been checked & manual Drug & Alcohol test put on profile.

  • Manual Drug & Alcohol tests added to required profiles

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