Store Specific

Store Details

  • Store Address

  • Store Phone Number

  • Opening hours

  • Store Type

  • Permit to Work Location

  • Signing in Location

  • Asbestos Registrar Location

  • Car Registration System

  • Vehicle Unloading Location

  • Delivery Noise Restrictions

  • Working Noise Restrictions

  • General Works Access


  • Name

  • Telephone Number

  • Email Address


  • Name

  • Telephone Number

  • Email Address

Main Contractor

  • Company

  • Contracts Manager

  • Telephone Number

  • Email Address


  • SSC Version

  • SSC Amount Size & Handing (Mini's, 2 Baggers, 3 Baggers, Bag Over Basket)

  • SSC Numbering

  • SSCs

  • If V4 Is Scale Bed Front Type 1 or Type 2

  • If V4 SSC's Please Ask Store To Open Access Doors & Take Photo Of Doors

  • V4 Access Doors

  • Power & Data Supply Route

  • Is The Disignated Alarm Company Required To Disconnect The Panic Buttons

  • Are There Any Call Buttons To Disconnect

  • Basket Shelves, Fixed Securely & Free From Damage

  • Basket Shelves

  • All Trim Screws & Spacers present

  • Screws & Spacers

  • All Panels & Screws Present

  • Access Panels (2xScrews in Each)

  • Missing Panels & Screws

  • Bagging Area All Screws Present

  • Bagging Area Screws

  • All Skirting Present

  • Skirting

  • All Service Door Latches Present

  • Service Door Latches

  • All Other Locks Present & Working

  • Locks

  • All Chip & Pins Present

  • Chip & Pin

  • Any Damage

  • Damage

  • Bump Rail Type (Stainless or Rubber)

  • Bump Rail

  • Any Current Issues With SSC

  • Rebranding Packs Required

  • Queuing Stickers Required

  • Bag Holders present or Required

  • General Condition


  • SSC Access (Free Standing, Against Wall , Back to Back ect)

  • Photos

  • Adjacent to Basket Checkouts

  • Photos

  • Adjacent To Lottery Terminal. If So Will Lottery Terminal Be Affected

  • Photos

  • Any Building Works Required For Access

  • Photos

  • Photos

  • Ceiling type

  • Ceiling Hight

Fog Bandit

  • Fog Bandit Location and/or Feed

  • Photos

RAP Station

  • Type (V4 Podium, V5 Podium, LCD Arm, Bracket, Fin And Pole)

  • Photos

  • Location

  • Photos

  • Fixed Down

  • Photos

  • Condition

  • Photos

  • Any Damage

  • Photos

  • Door Latches Present

  • Photos

Cashtube/Service Poles

  • Is There Any Cashtube/Service Poles Present

  • Photos

  • Is A Cashtube Engineer Required To Disconnect/Reconnect Cash Tube

Floor Trunking

  • Size & Colour

  • All Lids Present

  • Any Damage

  • Quantity Required

  • Floor Trunking


  • General Condition

  • Working Correctly

  • Any Service Poles

  • Quantity Required

  • Trilights

Variations & Extras

  • Extras

  • Variations

Store Responcibilities

Store Responcibilities

  • De-Merchandise Any Areas Required

  • To Allow Contractors Access To Welfare Facilities (eg Staff Canteen & Toilets)

  • To Cash Up All SSCs & Any Other Checkouts Being Worked On Before Start Time See Above

  • To Ensure All Cash Pods Are Accounted For Before Any Work is Commenced

  • To Contact Central Office if Access To Cash Office is Required

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