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  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Select a program

  • Which station/tool are you auditing?

  • Select a shift


  • Is the latest SOS & JES posted within the work-cell and not interfering with operator? KEEP

  • Are all signatures of the required functional approvers on the SOS? If not, whose are missing? KEEP

  • Does the revision level on the SOS & JES match the Department Secondary Document List? (MGT SF 020-1)

  • Does the SOS give reference to a JES describing all the required elements (major steps)? Check if SOS matches the JES.

  • Do symbols exist for Critical Characteristics, Safety, and Inspection on SOS (if required)? If no, which are missing?

  • Is there a better way to perform the standard work? Review and discuss with the operator, document suggestion.

  • Watch 3-4 cycles and record the cycle time. Is the average of recorded cycle time same or below standard cycle time?

  • Is the workstation layout compliant with the SOS? (i.e. No extra tables in between operations). If no, write the findings

  • Is the Balance Chart posted on the Team Board, including the latest revision date and TMP of the line / work-cell?

  • Audit complete?

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