• Audit Title - Store refrigeration review

  • Business unit

  • Store name

  • Location
  • Conducted on

  • Review conducted by

  • Review conducted with

  • Contractor

  • What is the weather at the time of the audit?

  • What is the approx temperature?

  • Review reference

General Information

  • Do you feel that they meet the required call-out times?

  • Do contractors sign in?

  • Are they presentable and courteous?

  • Do you have any specific issue with the contractors? If yes please provide more detail below.

External Plant Area

  • Only access external plant where safe and possible to do so. Do not climb onto unsafe structure/roofs to asses. Where possible provide a visual assessment from a safe platform.

  • Is it safe to assess the external plant?

  • Are all control panel doors closed over?

  • Is the general fabric free from rust/damage

  • Is there any undue noise?

  • Do coils look clean and free from debris?

  • Are there any visible oil leaks?

  • Is the area free from obstructions and unwanted storage?

Internal Plant Room

  • Only assess the internal plant room if it is safe to do so.

  • Is it safe to assess the plant room?

  • Are all control panel doors closed over?

  • Is the general fabric free From rust/damage etc?

  • Is there any undue noise?

  • Do coils look clean and free from debris?

  • Are there any visible oil leaks?

  • Are extract fans operational and in good order?

  • Is the room free from obstructions/unwanted storage?

Back up freezers/chillers

  • What are the back up dimensions?

  • Are doors easily opened?

  • Are door seals in good condition and free from visible defect?

  • Are all handles fit for purpose and in good order?

  • Are the emergency release buttons operational?

  • Are the frame heaters operational?

  • Is the fabric/floor free from visible defects?

  • Are door curtains in place and in good order?

  • Is the evaporator and floor free of ice build up?

  • Is there adequate back up?

  • Are there any obstructions/storage items placed around or on top of the back up?

  • Do store colleagues understand their responsibilities, i.e. keeping doors closed, ensuring curtains are left down?

Air Conditioning

  • Is in store a/c acceptable and fit for purpose?

  • Are the a/c controllers set to the correct temperature?

  • Do the filters on cassette's look to be clean?

  • Is there evidence of drips, leaks etc from the A/c?

  • Where accessible do the A/c condensing coils look to be clean?

  • Are there any visible defects on the A/c condensing units?

Alarm panel

  • Is the panel free from visible defects?

  • Is the panel a RDM Panel

  • Please enter make and model of panel.

  • Take a photo of the panel where possible.

Display Cabinets

  • Are the cabinets free from damage?

  • Are kick plates in place?

  • Are there signs of any leaks?

  • Is the cabinet in a clean condition (check grilles)?

  • Are the lights operational?

  • Do night blinds work?

  • Are all doors free from condensation/frosting?

  • Are freezer door frame heaters working?

  • Do all freezer doors self close?

  • Is there any stock on top of the cabinets?

  • Is there any stock on top of grilles?

  • Is the cabinet stocked correctly (I.e. not over stocked)?

Warm weather guide

  • Is the manager aware of the warm weather guide?


  • Please add any general notes and observations from your review into the box below.

  • Add any other useful photographs from site here.

Agreed actions

  • Enter any actions agreed on the day in this area. Actions should have a clear owner and a target date for completion.

  • Action
  • Owner

  • Agreed action

  • Agreed completion date

  • Attach photograph to support if required.


  • FCP Signature

  • Client Signature

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