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General (Staff Areas BOH)

  • Is the company safety policy displayed?

  • Is the HSE poster displayed?

  • Are insurance certificates displayed?

  • Are all risk assessments still relevant?

  • Is the first aid box stocked and clean?

  • Are there appointed persons or first aiders?

  • Have all staff received a health and safety induction?

  • Are all staff aware of the accident reporting procedure?

Floors & Walkways

  • Are aisles clear of materials and equipment?

  • Are doors clear of materials and equipment?

  • Is all flooring in good condition, fitted and intact?

Stairs, Handrails & Fittings

  • Do all stairs have secure edging strips?

  • Are all handrails in good condition and secure?

  • Are steps on the stairs in good condition?

  • Are fittings intact with no damage or sharp edges?

  • Are all windows, mirrors, glass doors and panels intact?

Fire Safety

  • Are all exit doors clear and unobstructed?

  • Is emergency lighting working and maintained?

  • Are there exit signs above each fire door?

  • Have all fire extinguishers been inspected within the last 12 months?

  • Are fire evacuation notices displayed?

  • Are fire detection systems tested, working and logged weekly?

  • Is no smoking on the premises adhered to?

  • Have all staff been instructed on fire evacuations?

  • Is there a designated person to control any incidents?

Heating, Lighting & Ventilation

  • Is there adequate heating on the premises?

  • Is there adequate lighting in the premises?

  • Is there emergency lighting and is it working?

  • Is air conditioning working and maintained?

  • Is there adequate ventilation in all workplaces?

Welfare Facilities

  • Are all toilets clean and in working order?

  • Are the rest facilities clean and in good order?

  • Can employees secure their valuables and hand coats?

  • Are food and cleaning items stored separately?

  • Is the refrigerator cleaned regularly?

  • Are the temperatures of the refrigerator checked?

Customer Refreshments

  • Are all coffee machines cleaned and maintained?

  • Are temperature checks done daily?

  • Preparation areas are cleaned frequently?

Substances Hazardous To Health

  • Are all items stored securely in a cabinet?

  • Are all COSHH Assessments complete?

  • Is there a spillage procedure in place?

  • Is there suitable clean up equipment?

  • Is there a system for safe disposal?

  • Are there displayed first aid procedures?

  • Is relevant staff trained in handling hazardous substances and the safety procedures?

Equipment & Machines

  • Is all equipment inspected and tested?

  • Are grinding machines maintained?

  • Are the guards fitted and used?

  • Are cloths/materials clear from bringing sparks?

  • Are gloves provided and used in the operation?

  • Are fumes and exhausts extracted?

  • Are plugs, sockets and cables in good condition?

  • Are there any trailing cables in walkways?

  • Are all defects reported?

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