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Pre-Repair Checklist

  • 1. Area has been prepared as per Surface Treatment Refurbishment ITP and approved to proceed?

  • 2. Do you understand which of the TSA standard details you are using for the repair?<br>Provide details of the repair in the comments <br>(e.g. 200PFC bottom flange repair ref PFC repair typical drawing.)

  • 3. Do the required repairs align to a TSA standard detail? <br>If so, which one?<br>If not, move to question 5.

  • 4. Do you have the correct plating material available? <br>Ref to the TSA standard detail

  • 5. If the repair doesn’t align to a standard detail, have you received a repair design for that section? Please provide evidence.

  • 6. Have you taken photos of the area to confirm the extent of the surface preparation?<br>Photo to include evidence of the measurements as per the TSA standard drawings.

  • 7. Have you taken photos showing the amount of steel lost to corrosion?<br>Provide photos of verniers/depth gauge at section

  • Please send this checklist and photos to the certifying engineer for approval to proceed to the complete the repair.

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