Previous JSA Review

  • Has the previous JSA been reviewed?

  • Are there unresolved issues remaining?

  • What issues need to be resolved?


  • Has a JSA been completed?

  • Has everyone signed the JSA?

  • Is site clean and organized?

  • Are there unrecognized hazards present?

  • Are vehicles chocked and pointd toward the exit?

  • Are trenches and excavations protected?

  • Was One Call contacted?

  • Is LOTO being utilized?

Hazardous Chemicals

  • List of hazardous chemicals available?

  • Material Safety Data Sheets available?

  • Proper containers used with correct labeling?

First Aid

  • Is Eye Wash available?

  • Is First Aid Kit available and stocked?

  • Is at least one employee trained in First Aid / CPR on site?

  • Other observations


  • Are fire extinguishers present, charged, and the correct size?

  • Is vehicle in good condition?

  • Is vehicle DOT compliant?

  • Is the vehicle clean inside?

  • Is the vehicle clean outside?

  • Is there damage to the vehicle?

  • Are the tires good?

  • Vehicle Unit Numbers

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are employees wearing correct eye protection?

  • Hard hats?

  • Steel toed boots?

  • Fire resistant clothing?

  • Hearing protection?

  • H2S Detector?

  • Fall Protection?

  • Is all PPE in good condition and clean?

Mobile Equipment

  • Is equipment damaged?

  • Cab clean and free of litter?

  • Seatbelts worn?

  • Being used correctly?

  • Does equipment require certification or specialized training?

  • Is operator qualified?

  • Are attachments in good working order?

  • Is equipment and attachments being utilized correctly?

  • Is equipment being serviced and maintained correctly?

  • Equipment Numbers


  • Are tools in proper working order?

  • In good condition?

  • Are electrical cords in good shape?

  • Are accessories/attachments in good shape?

  • Are tools being utilized correctly?

  • Is proper tool being utilized?


  • Is trailer being pulled by correct vehicle?

  • Has this vehicle been DOT'd?

  • Is trailer Annual Inspection up to date?

  • Is there damage to trailer?

  • Trailer Unit Numbers

Comments / Observations

  • What follow up is required?

  • Comments, Concerns, Reccomendations

Reviewed by:

  • Site Supervisor

  • Safety Representative

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