• Proper pre-trip inspection.

  • Read vehicle data plate.

  • Reviewed proper procedure for reporting damaged or defective equipment.

Vehicle Operation

  • Looks in the direction of travel before moving one inch.

  • Operated from the designated operating position. Four points of contact with the equipment and all body parts are inside the equipment.

  • Follows procedures at blind intersections/pedestrians. S.L.Y. - Slow down, Lay on horn and Yield at all intersections, doorways, curtains, blind spots and when approaching pedestrians.

  • Reasonable and safe speed.

  • Changes direction "plugging."

  • Looks before backing up.

  • Remove debris from travel path.

  • Uses required safety equipment (seatbelt/harness).

  • Emergency and normal braking.

  • Distance of forks from floor.

  • Safe distance from other lifts or objects.

  • Complete stop before dismount.

  • Keeps to the right.

  • Courtesy to other operators. No horseplay.

  • Does not was on empty fork or pallets.

  • Safe following distance.

Pick/Deposit Load

  • Good approach and placement of load.

  • Load distributed and stable.

  • Forks positioned and lift centered.

  • Lifting and lowering speed.

  • Forward movement into rack.

  • Alignment and penetration into pallet.

  • Proper use of tilt, lift and side shift.

  • Stopped forklift before load is raised or lowered.

  • Checks for overhead obstructions.

  • Looks in the direction of travel before backing.


  • Knows location of eyewash and shower station.

  • Employee confirmed training on BHS (Battery Handling System).

  • Proper connecting and disconnecting from charger.

Scissor Lift

  • Trained on the use of fall arrest equipment.

  • Proper inspection of full body harness and self retracting lanyard.

  • Tethered before moving equipment one inch.


  • Picture of employee operating equipment.

  • Employee Signature

  • I, the undersigned, certify that the above listed employee is proficient in the operation of Powered Industrial Equipment (PIE) as defined in 29 CFR 1910.178.

  • Supervisor Signature

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