Signs at Facilities & Tanks

  • On the tanks
    NFPA Warning Labels

  • Confined Space Labels Present?

  • Other Signage Present

Are all of the following located on one sign or decal?


  • Petroleum Crude

  • Extremely Flammable Liquid and Vapor

  • May Cause Flash Fire Statement

  • No Trespassing Statement

  • No Smoking or Open Flame Statement

  • Other


  • Is the Lease sign present?

  • MSDS form available upon request statement

  • Hydrogen Sulfide may be present (H2S)

H2S fixed monitors present at site ?

Scott / MSA / AV 2000 mask available .

Breathable air bottles / cascade system / regulators.

Air hoses / fitting for air bottles serviceable .

  • Equipment May Start Automatically

  • Other

Tanks, Stairways & Walkways

  • Condition of Tanks

  • Connections / Bullplugs

  • Are there any Visible Leaks?

  • Condition of Piping

  • Is there a proper ground?

  • Is the stairway safe?

  • Are the stairs in good condition?

  • Are handrails present?

  • Are the walkways in a safe condition?

  • Is the handrail present?

  • Is the midrail present?

  • Are toeboards present?

  • Is there a Windsock at the facility?

  • Other comments


  • Condition of the firewall

  • Is there any evidence of salt kill in, on or around the firewall?

  • Is the firewall breached or eroded?

  • Does it appear large enough to contain fluids per state guidelines?

  • Are fluids present in the firewall?

  • Is vegetation present in or on the firewall?

  • Are there any other concerns about the firewall?


  • Electrical connection on the Triplex Pump

  • Electrical connection on the transfer pump

  • Chemical Pumps

  • Transformers

  • Overhead Lines

  • Extension Cords Present

  • Exposed electrical conductors

  • Electrical boxes labeled for voltage?

  • Electrical boxes labeled for Arc-flash hazard

  • Arc-Flash boundary labeled

  • Are outlets that are located outdoors protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

  • Are there any additional comments regarding the electrical components of this Tank Battery?

Injection & Transfer Pumps

  • Are drip pans present and functional?

  • Is any of the equipment or piping leaking?

  • Are the gauges functioning properly?

  • Are pop off's in place and in serviceable condition?

  • Is the piping in good condition?

  • Are machine guards in place?

  • Are there any other issues identified?

Facility Housekeeping

  • Are there any slip, trip or fall hazards present?

  • How is the General Overall Condtion / Appearance of the site?

  • Are there any other housekeeping issues identified?

Chemicals and Storage

  • Stored properly (Drip Trays?)

  • Are secondary containers labeled properly (HMIS label)

  • Is an SDS sheet available for chemicals used?

  • Are there any other chemical issues identified?


  • Is the netting over the pit adequate?

  • Is there evidence of spillage of oil/BS outside the pit?

  • Are there any other considerations / issues regarding pits at this location?

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