• MW Permit Number:

Work Order Number:

Job Description

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Thiess Personnel/Sub-Contractors


  • Risk / Hazard Assessment available and control measures being followed?

  • Works Procedures / Instructions available and being followed?

  • Trenching activities:<br>Have suitable ground support<br>Spoil min 0.5mt from edge of excavation<br>W/safe notification for excavations >1.5 mt<br>Nominated competent person to manage the excavation

  • Permits / Documentation / Notifications obtained and available?

  • Licences / Tickets / Training Documents available for operators/CSE/Chemicals?

  • CSE Procedures being adhered to ?<br>Personnel roles nominated<br>Equipment inspected<br>Entry permit completed <br>Training current

  • Gas Detector calibration ? <br>Serial number:

  • Plant / Equipment Records available and complete? (Pre Start Inspections)

  • Site and Vehicles generally clean, tidy and presentable?

  • Wheel nut indicators in place and serviceable?

  • Personal protective equipment (min. safety glasses and long/long clothing available and used correctly)

  • Adequate facilities for materials handling and storage available?

  • Regulatory requirements for works being observed?

  • Other services near works located and safe working distances maintained?

  • Mechanical / Electrical hazards identified and isolated/tagged correctly?

  • Adequate site security and safety including barricades and signage in place?

  • Appropriate means of communication available?

  • Adequate and compliant fire suppression equipment onsite?

  • Fully stocked and appropriate First Aid Kit available on site?


  • SEPHA or other site specific environmental checklist completed and control measures incorporated?

  • Adequate protection measures in place for specific flora and fauna species?

  • Contingency measures in place to minimise risk and control of spill / mishap?

  • AAV sites confirmed and adequate control measures in place to protect sites?


  • Appropriate standard of workmanship achieved?

  • TS Minor Work Pack/Site Management Plan available and work undertaken in compliance with the stated requirements?


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NOTE* This an IPad/IPhone version of TS-037090-MTP-FO-701

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