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  • Third Space Canary Wharf

  • Conducted on

Evacuation assembly point

  • The assembly point is located on the corner of Dunster CT and Mark Ln outside of Olave Parish Hall.
    Ensure that you assist where needed and remember that you are representing the club.

Important points for all team members

  • There is fire risk assessment that your department head should ensure that you are aware of and free available to look at.

  • Fire escape routes are checked daily by the duty managers and should be clear at all times, if you come across a blocked fire exit or have any concerns then you should raise this immediately with your department head/duty manager.

  • Aerosols are a risk if used outside of the changing rooms and can set off smoke detectors, the use of aerosols outside the changing rooms is strictly forbidden.

  • Toasters are a risk and will set off smoke detectors, toasters are banned from any areas outside the kitchen.

  • Microwaves and kettles must be used safely and attended to whilst in use.

  • All team members are are welcome to complete a fire Marshall course, please see your head of department or a duty manager to arrange this.

  • Are you happy and suitably informed in regards to these emergency procedures?

  • Are you fully aware of your responsibility towards fire safety?

  • Do you have any questions?

  • Add name and sign as completed.

  • Person completing the induction add name and sign as completed.

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