• Does Emergency stop work correctly?

  • Is the gate in good working order?

  • Does the TipWell shut down immediately when gate is opened?

  • Does the remote location emergency stop work correctly?

  • Are there any obvious signs of structural damage?


  • Are safety bollards in place and properly fixed?

  • Are bollards in good condition (paint, damage, missing bolts)

Fence and gate

  • Is fence in good condition? (No missing pieces, structural damage)

  • Do gate castors work correctly?

  • Have castors been lubricated?

  • Is gate in good condition? (Not bent, damaged etc.)

  • Is wiring on gate in good condition and correctly guarded?

  • Is magnetic proximity in place and working correctly?

TipWell Structure

  • Are there no visible signs of damage?

  • Are all bolts in support and structure securely in place?

  • Is support properly fixed to concrete?

Hydraulic system

  • Are all hoses connecting the system (on rams and control box) fixed securely?

  • Are all hoses in good working order? (Check for fraying, leaking etc.)

  • Is TipWell lifting and lowering evenly?

  • Have all pivot points been greased?

  • Is the TipWell lifting and lowering properly? (No shuddering, squeaking)

  • Are pins in good condition with no signs of damage?

  • Are anti-drop valves fixed properly and show no sign of damage?

Control box / Electrical

  • Is control box clean and tidy?

  • Does the control box look in proper working order with no visible signs of damage?

  • Do all control functions work correctly (Start, stop, auto, manual up, manual down, safety reset)

  • Are all indicator lights working correctly?

  • Check to ensure hydraulic oil is adequate (grade 46)

  • Does TipWell complete cycle within 90 seconds of activation? (Record time in notes)

Overall - Recommendations

  • Record any recommendations for improved performance

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