Toilet Type

  • Select the type of toilet

Interior Cleaning

  • Are the toilets free of body wastes and grease marks visible?

  • Are the toilets free of rust, scale or encrustations?

  • Are the toilets free of spider webs or accumulated inspects?

  • Are the toilets free of stickers (including residue) or graffiti present?

  • Is the ceiling clean?

  • Is the baby change table clean?

  • Is behind the door clean?

  • Is the interior free of litter?

  • Are the light fittings clean and free of insects?

  • Are vents clean?

  • Is the service room clean and tidy?

Exterior Cleaning

  • Is the exterior free of litter?

  • Is the exterior free of graffiti or stickers including residue?


  • Are the fittings securely fixed?

  • Do the taps operate?

  • Are there any leaks or drips?

  • Do the toilets flush and fill normally?

  • Do the lights work?

  • Is the ventilation functioning where installed?

  • Do the privacy bolts work?

  • Do the door closers work?

  • Are the toilets free of damaged tiles?

  • Are the toilets free of damage to paint work?

  • Are the toilets free of other exterior building damage?

  • Do the door counters function?


  • Is there soap in dispensers?

  • Is there toilet paper in the roll holders?

Winter Season

  • How many cubicles are open?

  • Are the closed units correctly winterised?

  • Is the frost protection set for correct season?

  • What is the temperature setting?

  • Under floor heating should be functioning when there is a risk of frost. Temperature should be set only to avoid freezing, not to heat toilets


  • Were they smoke free?

  • Were they not using cellphone or texting?

  • Were they clean and tidy?

  • Were safety signs present?

  • Were health and safety policies complied with?

Overall Impression

  • Overall, how is the cleaning condition?

  • Overall, how is the building condition?

  • Enter any Requests for Service to be lodged

  • Add any extra photos if required

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