Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Initial Inspection

  • Purchase Order Number

  • Initial Inspection of Door prior to full assessment being undertaken.

  • Detail why you came to this assessment.

  • Photo of the door to be added.

  • Door Type

  • Model

  • Bracket L/Hand Side

  • Bracket R/Hand Side

  • Fixings

  • Fixings Checked

  • Axle

  • Spring Tension

  • Right Hand Bearing

  • Right Hand Bush

  • Left Hand Bearing

  • Left Hand Bush

  • Slat Condition

  • Slat Alignment

  • End Clips

  • Connecting Slats

  • Wrap on Drum

  • Bottom Rail

  • Guide Fixings

  • Guide Channel Clearance

  • Guide Lead-in

  • Add any photos to support your assessment.

Chain Operated

  • Hand Chain

  • Chain Wheel

  • Planetary Gears

  • Direct Drive

  • Chain Guide

  • Chain Cleat

  • Add any photos to support your assessment.


  • Motor Bracket

  • Bolts/Nuts

  • Drive Chain

  • Sprocket Alignment

  • Sprocket Grub Screw/Keyway

  • Emergency Chain Wheel

  • Emergency Chain Operates

  • Emergency Chain Guide

  • PE Cell

  • PE Reflector

  • Floor Loop

  • Swipe Card/Key Pad/Remote

  • Limits

  • Control Box

  • Isolator

  • Add any photos to support your assessment.

Final Overall Assessment of Door.

  • What is the overall door condition?


  • Select date

  • Comments

  • Client Sigiture

  • Technician Signiture

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