First day

Before You Get Started

Does leader on shift know which position you are training? Use training schedule for guidance.

Go BACK to your leader and tell him BEFORE training starts. Training is only successful if we have constant communication!

Start time for First Shift Your goals: 1 hour store tour (or less) 1 hour hands on training with trainer (except prep) 2 hours by themselves you coaching The rest of the shift should be devoted to being productive.
When Your Trainee Arrives

Does trainee know how to clock in?

No cell phones on person unless they have kids

Put personal items in the back

Introduce to minimum 5 team members as you pass by them

Proper Uniform. Check trainee on the following:

Slip resistant shoes

Black socks

Oobie pants

Oobie shirt tucked in

Tattoos covered

Tattoos have to be covered with sleeves if they are on the arms, but arms MUST be uncovered,if you are breading.

White or black undershirt

Undershirt is currently not required, you may wear a black or white tanktop instead.

Name tag

Make name tags for trainee. Directions for the label maker are in the office on the machine itself.

Appropriate hair

Men only

Clean shaven or neatly trimmed mustache ONLY

Appropriate or no jewelry

Cannot have a watch while breading.

*Washing Hands

When should we wash our hands

Upon arrival

In between tasks

After handling money

After using restroom (2x)

Once in bathroom sink and once at sink in frontline BEFORE entering the kitchen.

Touching uniform

Touching face, nose, hair etc.

After break

After touching trash, equipment or floors

Before and after wearing gloves

How to wash your hands

Turn on hot water, then wet hands

Dispense soap

Scrub well for 20 seconds, then rinse

Dry hands with paper towel

Turn off water with paper towel

Dispense sanitizer into your hands and air dry

Tour the store together

Keep the tempo quick, you only have the rest of an hour to use.

Store Tour

Items with the star "*" MUST be explained. If you don't know how to explain it yourself ask a leader.

Start tour at back door

Trash/cardboard bin

Breaking down boxes

No trash on cement and NOTHING visible to customers on sidewalk

Parking Lot

Kitchen Storage Closet

Marquee Closet

Marketing Closet


Circle building

Look for trash & tell why it is important

Show employee parking

Show Door bell

Enter through back door

*Mop sink (only mop water and nasty stuff)

*mops/scrubbers/squeegees and colors

Yellow-Raw Chicken/kitchen

Red-Restrooms AND bodily fluids

Blue-where customers see (FL and Lobby)


Storage baskets (gloves, trash bags, etc.)

*change yellow bucket sanitizer every 4 hours or when it is "milky"

*sanitizer packets (difference in green and red)

*show chemical locations

Walk-in cooler/freezer

Explain FIFO

Date dot stickers and use first


Point out key items
(Best practice is to have you name the item and have them find it, if you simply point it out they won't remember-make it a game!)

Show which side is used for mainly kitchen.

Spring mix


Heavy Mayo

Cole Slaw dressing

Grape tomatoes




Leaf lettuce (explain difference from Romaine)

Bacon bits

Cool down chicken (explain process)




Chopped Romaine

Prepped leaf lettuce

Other prepped items


*Panic alarm


Point out key items

Frozen chicken

Fries and hash browns

Mini bread


Wheat berry bread

Chocolate chip cookies


Frozen diced egg

Diced egg


Corn/onion and pepper blend

*Panic alarm


Class A Red Extinguisher

Non-oil & regular combustible fires

Class K Silver Extinguisher

Oil/fat/grease fires

ANSUL system (wet chemical suppression)

Henny Penny fires (EMERGENCY ONLY)

Shuts down the store for awhile

Emergency fire meeting location (employee parking)

Prep Area

*date dot stickers

Orange stickers and their use

Kansan system and short explanation




Knife sharpener

*cut resistant gloves


Music policy

Defrosting flax bread

Dry stock

Show which side is mainly kitchen

Spicy coated

Regular coater

Biscuit mix

Canola oil

Peanut oil


Bulletin board

OE scores

What is OE?

Other store information


Request off book location

Show how the kitchen works. Where did CFA start? (with an original chicken sandwich).





Sinks (prep, dishes, hands)

Raw chicken sign & when it is ok to put regular dishes in sink

Where is filtered water

Prep sink

Three hand sinks

Tea brewers and why they need to be closed when not brewing

Thawing cabinets

Coolers/food up front

Position and job board

Speed and times board

Panic alarms (how and when)


Show the business, how does Drive Thru work.

Sum up your tour. Does your trainee have any questions about where stuff is located? Do they have any questions about the business?
End time (should not exceed an hour)

First day and store tour complete?

Go to next section and start training. Refer to Training Schedule for specific position

Training Timeline

Trainers! Remember to Demonstrate, Imitate then Repeat all the tasks below!
Verify which position trainee is supposed to train on according to training schedule.
Training Timeline: Boards

Shift by shift training

1) shift Fries (with trainer as extra 1 hour)

Talk about how fries are our most craveable product and one of the easiest to mess up

Show where fries are stored

Show how to cook fries

Show how to recognize how many fries need to be dropped (how many in DT and front waiting to order)

5 minute holding time in warming station

2 minute holding time in chute

Total holding time still 5 minutes. Why?

How to "box" fries

CFA sand kids meal = small fry

Where to store the fry scoop (on the edge of the warming station so as to not scratch the metal)

2) shift fries

3) shift nuggets (with trainer as extra 1 hour)

Talk about what a good nugget looks and feels like (tender and juicy)

How do you recognize bad nuggets (dry and rubbery and box is greasy)

20 minute holding time for nuggets

When do we call for chicken?

Explain less more often

Show eRQA photos

Show how to box: 4,6,8 & 12 nuggets

Show how to box 1,2,3 & 4 strips

Why do we use tabs for for boxed nuggets and strips (label and ventilation)

4) shift nuggets

5) shift feeder (with trainer extra one hour)

What started Chick fil A? (the original chicken sandwich, show them the poster on frontline with the story)

Show how to make a regular sandwich

Butter bun

Toast bun (crown and heel)

Two whole pickle slices (no more than a dime sized hole) side by side not overlappin

Fresh piece of chicken (within holding time)

Bag sandwich properly (two folds not covering label)

Repeat above with spicy sandwich

Show how to make specials

CFA Deluxe with/without

Spicy Deluxe with/without

Grilled Sandwich and Grilled Club (bun no pickles and no butter)

6) shift feeder

7) shift feeder

8) shift screens

Show how to observe screens ( what do the different colors represent)

What has priority? Which order is waiting longest/Drive-thru always a priority/regular chicken sandwiches fastest to make

When Bagger calls back too many orders you aren't moving fast enough.

The goal: serve customers food within 30 seconds

At 1:30 call for help!

9) shift screens

10) shift screens

Training timeline: Boards Breakfast

Shift by shift training

1) shift HB/Minis

Hash browns

Show where HBs are stored and the difference between fry bag and hash brown bag (red line)

Show how to cook HBs

Holding time in warming station 10 minutes

Holding time in chute is 2 minutes

Box small and large hash browns

Minis show how to bake and what temperature.

Show how to cook mini bread

Place pan liner on rolls

Bake for 3-4 minutes at 375 degrees on HIGH fan

After buzz remove rolls

Add honey butter spread

Place in holding station

Holding time is 30 minutes

Show how to box 3 and 4 minis

2) shift HB/Minis

3) shift biscuits

4) shift biscuits

5) shift biscuits

6) shift feeder

7) shift feeder

8) shift feeder

Training timeline: Prep

Shift by shift training

1) shift prep

Pre-prep for coleslaw and chicken salad


2) shift prep

3) shift prep

4) shift prep

5) shift prep

Breading and Machines

Shift by shift training

1) shift breading

Milk wash

2) shift breading

3) shift breading

4) shift machines

Open Fryers
Garland Grill

Midday clean on grill

5) shift machines

6) shift machines





Breading table




Breading table

Grill done in:
1 - 1 hour or more
2 - 45 mins to an hour
3 - 30 -45 mins
4 - less than 30 mins
5 - less than 30 mins AND perfectly cleaned



Show them as many of these tasks as you can




Vent hoods

Thawing cabinets

Inside of breading table

Under thawing cabinets

Kitchen walls


Freezer floors

Refrigerator floors

Inside Low Boys


Raw Dish Storage area and drying racks

Open top grill crumb baffles

Drop station

Grade your trainee from 1 to 5.

1 - has NOT been shown this task/position
2 - has been shown this task/position but needs more coaching
3 - is able to repeat this task/position without coaching
4 - is able move quickly and efficiently
5 - "dominates" this position and is able to lead others

Primary Secondary Breakfast

Minis position

Hash browns

Open top grill

Biscuit assembly/wrapping

Boards Specials/Regulars

Baking biscuits

Primary Secondary Lunch


Nugget position



Basic Prep

Advanced Prep

Breading Table

Bread filets and strips/nuggets

LEAN chicken thawing

LEAN Chicken Entrees

Dropping less more often and not running out of chicken while not wasting chicken


Machines and Grill

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.