• Building

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

1. Time

  • Time taken to conduct trial evacuation

2. Evacuation Rehearsal

  • Was a "111" call made to the Fire Service?

  • Was the correct assembly point used?

  • Was any person injured during the evacuation?

  • Any persons with disabilities in the building during the evacuation?

  • Did any persons use the lifts during the evacuation?

  • Was anyone carrying any food or drink?

  • Were all visitors accounted for?

  • Were people positioned at exits to prevent entry into the building during the evacuation?

3. Fire Warning System

  • Were the fire alarms working correctly?

  • Manual Call Points intact?

  • PFA Number

4. Doors and Means of Escape Paths

  • Smoke Control Doors ( Able to be opened in an as new condition)

  • Smoke Control Doors ( Closed during the evacuation)

  • Exit Doors ( Able to be opened in an as new condition)

  • Exit Doors ( Found Unobstructed)

  • Means of Escape Paths ( Found Unobstructed)

5. Wardens

  • Was the correct wardens ID used?

  • Did all wardens report area clearance to the Chief Warden?

  • Were wardens debriefed after the trial evacuation?

6. Signs and Notices

  • Fire Instruction Notices in place and visible

  • Exit Signs in place and visible

7. Emergency Lightning

  • Test switch on fittings tested correctly

  • Exit lights were found

8. Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Fire Extinguishers displays current servicing tag

  • Fire Extinguishers found unobstructed

  • Fire Blankets displays current servicing tag

  • Fire Blanket found unobstructed

  • Hose Reels displays current servicing tag

  • Hose Reels installed correctly and found without kinks or leaking

9. General Comments

  • Comments

10. Signature of Auditor

  • Auditor to Sign Here:

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