• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • All personnel inducted, including Thiess subcontractors?

  • Correct risk documentation completed?

  • MSDS for all hazardous or dangerous goods are kept in vehicles or available?

  • Appropriate Permits in place?

  • QUU general works permit?

  • Hot works?

  • Dial before you dig?

  • Working at heights?

  • Isolation Plan?

  • Plant/tree disturbance?

  • Confined space?

  • Biosecurity QLD approval to take soil outside restricted zone?

  • Other?


  • Correct traffic management in place?

  • Pedestrian management included?

  • Appropriate barricading and signage?

  • Letter box drop to notify residents of works has been completed before the date of works?

  • All community complaints are to be reported to the supervisor and QUU? <br>If immediate remedial assistance cannot resolve the issue, the complainant has been referred to QUU call centre 13 23 64.

  • Pets and dogs have been contained in private property during works?


  • Dial Before You Dig requirements understood?

  • Do the plans and drawings include underground services?

  • Spotter being used during machine excavation?

  • Appropriate safety barricading used as required?

Soil & Water Management

  • Turf has been retained and reinstated where possible?

  • Excavation area is minimal?

  • All works are backfilled, compacted and landscaped on the day of works?

  • Water is passing through sediment controls prior to discharge?

  • No stockpiling is occurring in water pathways?

  • Sediment is cleaned from roadways once works are complete?


  • Equipment and machinery in well maintained condition?

  • All moving parts on equipment appropriately guarded?

  • Emergency stops in good condition and easily assessable?

  • Equipment prestarts completed?

  • Warnings and instructions displayed on equipment?

  • Equipment and materials (including dangerous and hazardous substances) stored correctly and secured for transport?

  • Plant and equipment hygiene is clean and free of built up dirt or vegetative material before being taken to new areas?

Air Quality, Vibration and Noise

  • No excessive noise or vibration?

  • No excessive fumes, dust or visible pollution being generated?

  • Noise attenuation devices fitted where applicable?

  • Audible noise is occurring between 6.30am-6.30pm only (Monday-Saturday) and Sunday and public holidays between 8.00am-7.00pm?<br>Exemptions apply.

  • The following devices are only being used 7.00am-7.00pm Monday-Saturday and 8.00am-7.00pm Sundays and Public holidays;<br>-compressor, ducted vacuum system, generator, mulcher, impacting tool, leaf blower, oxy burner, electrical or mechanical pneumatic tool. <br>Exemptions apply.

  • PPE is being used correctly and when required?


  • All waste is being disposed of correctly and no rubbish being left on site?

  • Waste meters and hydrants are returned to QUU within 5 days?

  • Soil and water that has become contaminated and ALL regulated waste is being collected by a licensed transporter and disposed of at Willowbank Ti-tree landfill?

  • Waste tracking certificates are being kept for regulated waste disposal?

Weeds and Pests

  • All restricted* items within the Fire Ant restricted zone are being inspected by Biosecurity QLD trained TS personnel before disturbance and details of the inspection are recorded on field sheets (iPad)? <br>*Restricted items are soil, mulch, bark, manure, hay, pot plants, potting media, sleepers/logs, gravels, poultry litter.

  • Where soil is to be moved outside the restricted zone a Biosecurity QLD Inspector (not TS personnel) has provided written approval?

  • Fire ant infestations are being reported to Biosecurity QLD on ph 13 25 23 (before any disturbances)?

  • Restricted items as waste are being disposed at a fire ant approved landfill?

  • Suppliers of restricted items are being asked for evidence of an Approved Risk Management Plan when applicable?

  • Weed hygiene certificates are being obtained from suppliers where applicable?

  • If works are occurring in weed infested areas, hygiene and control measures are being implemented?

  • Class 1-3 type weeds are being documented and reported to the client where encountered?

Flora and Fauna

  • Fauna are not being impacted by the works?

  • Unless approved, no plants have been impacted by the works?

Emergency Preparedness

  • Appropriate First aid kit available?

  • Emergency plan, procedures, contacts and telephone numbers displayed?

  • Spill kits available and stocked?

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