• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Tyre Work Area

  • Is the work area of sufficient size to conduct the task

  • Is the work area demarcated

  • Is the work area demarcated by soft or hard barriers

  • Is the work area on flat level ground

  • Does the work area have adequate drainage

  • Is the work area free of obstacles

  • Is it a concrete tyre pad

  • Is the tyre pad a metal base plate

Work Practices

  • Is the vehicle/machine chocked

  • Are the chocks adequate for the vehicle/machine size

  • Are the chocks in good condition

  • Is the vehicle/machine isolated

  • Is the vehicle/machine isolated as per site isolation procedure

  • Is the Restricted Work Zone set up

  • Are the fallback arresters being used

  • Are air line clips used

  • Are all air lines in good condition

  • Is the remote inflation hose used

Personal Protection Equipment

  • Is PPE being used

  • Is the PPE in good condition

  • Is the PPE suitable for the task


  • Is the tooling in good condition

  • Is the tooling fit for purpose

  • Could any additional tooling be a benefit to the task

  • Are vehicle/machine stands suitably labeled with Safe Working Load

  • Has the torque gun been calibrated within 12 months

  • Has the tyre handler attachment been crack tested within 12 months

Paperwork & Documents

  • Has a Pre Start been completed on the tyre handler

  • Has a Pre Start been carried out on the tyre service truck<br>

  • Has a Take 5 been completed

  • Has a tyre change sheet been filled out completely

  • Was a JHA required for the task

  • - If so, was the JHA adequate for the task

  • Tyre Fitter Signature

  • Tyre Fitter Offsider Signature

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