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  • Select date

  • Was inspection completed on dayshift or nightshift?



  • Is the travel way in good condition?

  • Is the housekeeping in good order?

  • Is the proper signage in use?

  • Is the ground support up to company standards?

  • Is the CFM Board up to date and installed correctly?

  • Is the vent tubing in good condition and adequately installed?

  • Is the travel way clear of tripping hazards and obstructions?



  • Is the vent tubing in good condition and adequate?

  • Is the housekeeping in good order?

  • Is the area well scaled?

  • Is the ground support installed as per print and policy?

  • Has a proper face prep been completed?

  • Are the proper tools for the task being used?

  • Are company policies and procedures being adhered to?

  • Are the workers wearing the proper PPE for the job they are doing?

  • Are services installed as per company standards?

  • Has the tag board been used correctly?

  • Safety bays clean, prepped and clearly identified?

  • Working platform set-up correctly? (Jacks down, proper hand rails, etc)

  • Explosives stored correctly?

  • Air/water leaks?

  • Is there flammable refuse in heading? (Used oil, rags, cardboard, etc)

  • Barricades and signs posted as per company standard?

  • Central blast line installed correctly?

  • Is the vent tubing 50' from the face and physically felt?

  • WHIMIS controlled products stored correctly? (Oil, fuel, resin, etc)



  • Are the workers wearing the proper PPE?

  • Are the workers properly trained and authorized?

  • Have the workers properly completed their safety cards?

  • Are the workers following company policy and procedure?

  • Do the workers know what is expected of them?

  • Are the workers capable of performing the prescribed tasks?

  • Do the workers know their escape route and location of the refuge station?

  • Do the workers have a lock/tag?

  • Is special PPE required? (Face shield, fall arrest...)

  • LIST:

  • Do the workers have the correct attitude to continue doing their job safely?




  • Has the equipment been serviced correctly?

  • Is the fire extinguisher/fire suppression is good order?

  • Is special PPE required for specific equipment and/or material?

  • Does the equipment have proper guards in place?

  • Wheel checks present?

  • Working seatbelt?

  • Has a proper Pre-op been completed?

  • Does the work area have adequate ventilation?



  • Proper signs and barricades installed?

  • Is yellow bag present with proper policies and print?

  • Are there updated prints in the work heading?

  • Is the ground support installed as per company standards?

  • Work area well scaled?

  • Is the work area properly ventilated?

  • Is the wedge installed correctly?

  • Has the wedge been commissioned?

  • Does the operator have the proper training?

  • Does the remote operate correctly?

  • When was the last time the beat supervisor conducted a job task observation?



  • Is fall arrest required for the job site?

  • Is there proper anchor points?

  • Has the fall arrest gear been properly inspected?

  • Is the fall arrest in good order?

  • Are the workers properly trained?


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