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  • Service Provider

  • Audit Date

  • Time

  • Distribution Substation Name

  • Distribution Substation Type

  • Audit Type

1. Perimeter

  • Adjacent Property Use - What category is the primary use ?

  • Is the perimeter fence line clear from any direct access ( Ground Substation only)?

  • Is the perimeter fence/structure secure and in good condition?

  • What type of construction is at the perimeter boundry?

  • Is the perimeter free from any evidence of unauthorised access?

  • Is the substation reserve free from rubbish and unwanted materials or spare equipment?

  • Comments

2. Vegetation

  • Is the perimeter free from any overhanging vegetation?

  • Is the substation reserve free from any vegetation? E.g; Trees, shrubs

  • Are the lawns maintained below 100mm?

  • Are all weeds removed and being maintained to a minimum?

  • Comments

3. Signage - External public

  • Entrance sign - Is there a substation name label installed?

  • Electrical Hazard signs - Are electrical hazard signs fitted to the boundary fence of ground SS or front doors of Kiosk and Indoor SS?

  • Dial before you dig - Are DBYD signs fitted to the external perimeter and in a serviceable condition?

  • Comments

4. Vandalism / Third Party Damage

  • Graffiti - Are all UE assets free from Graffiti?

  • Vandalism / Damage - Are all UE assets free from damage caused by third parties?

  • Are all assets free from damage caused by animals? Ants, possums, rabbits, birds etc.

  • Comments

5. Substation Enclosure

  • Are doors in good working condition and fit for purpose?

  • Are locks in good working condition?

  • Were doors found locked and secure?

  • Lights and power - Check light switches, GPOs and cabling etc. - safe and operational?

  • Gutters / Spouting/ Drainage Pits - Are all gutters, spouting and drainage pits in a safe and serviceable condition?

  • Walls - Are interior and exterior walls in a safe and serviceable condition?

  • Ventilation Grills - are all In a safe, secure and serviceable condition?

  • Floors/Stairs - Are floor surfaces clean and free from tripping hazards?

  • Is the ground level free from subsidance and contamination?

  • Comments

6. Electrical Equipment

  • Transformer Size

  • Is the transformer oil level ok ?

  • Is the transformer in safe and operational working condition?

  • HV Switchgear Manufacturer and Type

  • Switchgear Configuration

  • Is the switchgear gas/oil level ok?

  • Is the switchgear earthing system installed and connected?

  • Is the HV switchgear within its maintenance period and is a maintenance label installed?

  • Have operational locks been fitted to HV switchgear?

  • Are all pillars and cabinets in a safe, secure and operational condition?

  • Have earthing warning labels been fitted to HV switchgear?

  • LV Switchgear Manufacturer and Type

  • is the Low Voltage switchgear in good working order

  • Are all cables in a safe and operational condition?

  • Are all assets correctly labeled?

  • Comments

  • Overall Audit Rating

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