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Daily Opening Checklist

  • Conducted on

  • Pool Name:

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Pool Water Quality

  • Free Chlorine Levels:

  • pH Levels:

  • Free Bromine Levels:

  • Cyanuric Acid Levels:

  • Water Clarity: Bottom of the pool can be clearly seen

  • Algae present in the pool?

  • Temperature is WNL

Spa Water Quality

  • Free Chlorine Levels:

  • pH Levels:

  • Free Bromine Levels:

  • Cyanuric Acid Levels:

  • Water Clarity: Bottom of the spa can be clearly seen

  • Algae present in the spa?

  • Does water in spa have excessive foam?

  • Temperature is no greater than 104 degrees F


  • Pool cover removed and pool is cleared of debris or people

  • Main drain covers are properly intact and attached

  • Flow rate and backwash filters examined

  • Disinfectant reservoir levels are satisfactory

  • Pressure and vacuum gauge readings are WNL


  • Pool and spa walls assessed for algae and stains

  • All inlet and outlet fittings inspected

  • Pool vacuumed and vacuumed cleaned after use

  • Scum line scrubbed

  • Skimmer baskets and gutters cleaned and emptied

  • Decks are swept, rinsed, and disinfected

  • Deck drains are cleaned

  • Hair and lint strainer cleaned

  • Pool water has been skimmed

  • Pump room, chemical room, storage room, and guard rooms have been cleaned


  • Chemicals and distribution equipment not accessible to patrons/bathers

  • Buoy is functional and available

  • Life pole with hook is available

  • Emergency phone is operational

  • Spa: emergency shut off switch is visible and functioning

  • Pools are staffed with lifeguards

  • First aid kit, AED, and backboards are available

  • No climbable structures or objects are within 3 ft of enclosure

  • Gate and door latches are self-closing and self-latching and operational

  • Gates and doors are not propped open

  • Service gate is closed and locked when not in use

  • All safety signs and markers for pool and spa are serviceable, visible, and present

  • Pool, spa, decks, and perimeters are free of glass


  • Garbage bags have been changed

  • Trash receptacles are covered where food is present

  • Bathhouse has been cleaned and sanitized

  • Toilets, showers, and rinsing stations have been cleaned and sanitized

  • Pool and spa furniture has been washed down and cleaned

  • Decks have been swept, rinsed, and disinfected

Opening Checklist for Pool Operators

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