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  • Client / Site

  • OGTR Identifier

  • Prepared by

  • Personnel

  • Location


  • Is the facility a fully enclosed space bounded by walls, doors, windows, floors and ceilings?

  • Is the facility free of any significant structural changes that may affect containment?


  • Are surfaces smooth, impermeable to water, cleanable and resistant to damage by cleaning agents used in the facility (includes furnishings, benches, walls, floors etc.)?

Decontamination of hands

  • Does the facility have hands free washbasins fitted?

  • Does the facility have other means of decontamination of hands (eg: dispensers containing decontaminant solution)?

Open spaces under benches and equipment

  • Are open spaces under benches and equipment accessible for decontamination?


Aerosol containment

  • Are dealings involving Risk Group 2 PC2 GMOs producing aerosols?

  • Have the BSC been inspected and tested at least once within last 12 months?

  • Is a certificate of test results and date of next test affixed to side of cabinet?

  • Add media

Heat based decontamination equipment

  • Is the equipment validated monthly?

  • Is the equipment calibrated annually?

Backflow prevention

  • Is back flow prevention equipment installed?

  • Is this maintained and tested annually?

  • Have changes or new connections been made to the water supply?

General Conditions

Ownership of Facility

  • Does the certification holder own or has authority to maintain facility and fittings?

  • Has the owner failed to carry out or refused to carry out required maintenance?

  • Are OGTR signage and biohazard signs affixed to access door/s (signs are on or near access door/s and able to be clearly seen by persons entering facility)?


  • Is a supply of disinfectant suitable for use against the GMOs dealt with in the facility available?


  • Is there a pest control strategy in place?

Obligations of the certification holder in respect to the users of the facility

  • Is facility access restricted to authorised persons?

Behavioural Requirements


  • Have persons conducting dealings with GMOs in the facility have been trained in the behavioural requirements?

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