Each monitoring plot should be conducted from a single, central point, radiating outward to cover a radius of 5.64m, with total area of 100m

Each photo point should be acquired with 360 degree panorama using Photosynth App. If this is not possible, a photo should be collected with view finder directed to each of North, South, East and West. These must be labelled appropriately

Each rapid vegetation assessment should be conducted at the same time of year: December?

For vegetation monitoring at Mt Cannibal, vegetation monitoring should be conducted on the following annual schedule:
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 5
Year 7
Year 9

no label
Plot information

Plot ID

GPS coordinates

Has there been known disturbances to the location recently?

If yes; what was disturbance?

Plot Media
Photo point
Vegetation Data
Indigenous Vegetation

Species Present (and abundance)

Number of Trees

Number of Senescing Stags

Ground Storey Density (projected)
Middle Storey Density (projected)
Upper Storey and Canopy Density (projected)
Exotic Vegetation
Species Present
Exotic Ground Storey Density (projected)
Exotic Middle Storey Density (projected)
Upper Storey and Canopy Density (projected)
Unknown Species
Photo ID for unknown species
Photo ID for unknown species
Photo ID for unknown species
Photo ID for unknown species
Bare Earth
Is there any exposed earth?
Is there any leaf litter layer?
Pink Berry Heath specific Data
Is there Pink Berry Heath present in the plot?

Sample Type

If Abundance cover estimate; please select:
Orchid Data
Are there any Orchids currently present in the plot?

Species present

Photo Evidence
Sample Type
Fauna Data
Photo Evidence


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