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  • Be sure to check all physical equipment. If at any time any equipment fails the inspection, create a ticket in the correct ticketing system and enter the ticket number and any other information in to the text box that appears with any no answer. Also contact the technical team regarding any issues found during the FVP.

  • Does the room scheduler show the correct date and time. Verify that it is displaying the correct schedule.

  • Does the room scheduler function correctly?

  • From the docking station, can you route the laptop to all displays one at a time and are you able to blank each display, are you able to connect to the network through the dock.

  • Does the docking station function correctly?

  • IPTV - does the IPTV switch stations, is the image quality good, is the audio quality good, can you mute and unmute the audio?

  • Does the IPTV function correctly?

  • High-End PC - Are you able to log into the Windows PC(s), is the video resolution correct, is the image quality good, are you able to route to all displays as a group and one by one, is the audio quality good?

  • Are the High-End PCs functioning correctly?

  • Cameras - does the camera respond to controls, is the picture quality good?

  • Do the cameras function correctly?

  • Integrated audio conferencing - does the phone dial out, can you dial in, do the mics work with the system, is the sound quality good?

  • Does the integrated audio conferencing system function correctly?

  • Is this Monday?

  • Integrated video conferencing - verify that all parts of the system work together correctly and that the directory is functioning correctly, that all visual clues that you are in a call are present and working correctly.

  • 3D Stereo - If equipped, is each PC displaying stereo correctly?

  • Displays - Make sure that all displays have good image quality, no stuck or dead pixels and appear to be in good physical condition. If the room has confidence monitors that they are duplicating the video wall and appear in good quality.

  • Do the displays functioning correctly?<br>

  • Projectors - General - do the projectors respond to the touch panel controls, and does the image quality appear good.

  • Are the projectors functioning correctly?

  • Touch Panel - Are you able to change between all layout options? Do all the buttons function correctly, are you able to route through the touch panel, control volume level, access the tech controls, reach the help desk, operate the integrated phone and/or video conference systems.

  • Is the Touch Panel functioning correctly?<br>

  • Please sign when you have completed the inspection.

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