• Auditors are to observe the behaviors of the MHE operators while performing there assigned tasks. This is to ensure they are adhering to the Rules of operation and are doing so in a safe manner.

  • Conducted on

  • Auditor

Plant Vehicle

  • Type of MHE equipment being used?

Operator Details

  • Name of MHE Operator

  • Machine Number

  • Operators Department

  • Does the operator have a valid certificate of training on them for the machine being operated?

  • If an MHE operator is unable to produce their certification for the machine being used at time of audit, they must be removed from the machine immediately. There Supervisor is to be notified.

  • Has the Operator completed a daily Machine inspection?

  • If an MHE operator has not completed a Daily equipment Inspection for the machine being used at time of audit, they must be removed from the machine immediately. There Supervisor is to be notified.

Steering & Operating Controls

  • Starts and stops smoothly?

  • Are they able to steer the machine properly?

  • Travels intentionally in the wrong direction? ( Load forward)

  • Do they Brake or Plug harshly / erratically?

  • Operates the hydraulic controls when the lift truck is in motion? (lifts or lowers loads while traveling )

  • Do they elevate / lower loads smoothly?

  • Operates and understands the controls?

  • Does the operator use the horn when traveling and stopping?

Load Stability

  • Operator checks the condition of Load Pallet prior to moving?

  • Operator checks to ensure that the load is stable before travelling?

Manoeuvring & Transportation

  • Operator ensures that their body remains within the confines of the Fork truck when in operation

  • Order picker operators must wear full fall arrest at all times when operating their machine.

  • Are Forks to high when traveling?

  • Are the Forks to low when traveling?

  • Operates the machine at a speed consistent with the type of load and working conditions?

  • Operator maintains a safe distance between other Machines when travelling thorough the facility? ( 3 Truck lengths minimum)

  • Operator is looking in the direction of travel?

  • Operator performs safe manoeuvring with the lift truck and load!

  • Operator is aware of Pedestrians and effectively communicates and makes eye contact to ensure they are at a safe distance.

Stacking & de-stacking

  • Operator lines up properly in order to pick up the load

  • Fork arms are centered under the load?

  • Fork arms not rubbing (entry / withdrawal)?

  • Reach truck operator is able to extend, retract, & shuffle forks properly?

  • When picking an elevated load they ensure when lining up that the Fork tips do not touch touch the stack / load?

  • Operator ensures the the Forks are level when going into the pallet (Not Tilted)?

  • Operator ensure that there is enough clearance to safely pick or drop a load ?

  • Fork arms not fully inserted and load is not against the backrest (undercut) ?


  • Operator parks Machine in a designated parking area?

  • The operator correctly lowers the forks and load to ground level?

  • The operator turns of the machine when leaving it unattended?

Assessment Recommendations & Evaluations

  • Auditor evaluation of operator safety?

  • Comments


  • Date and time of assessment

  • Auditor signature

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