• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

A. Premises details

  • Premises name

  • Address

  • Owner name

  • Occupier name

  • WCS identification - Model

  • WCS identification - Serial No.

  • WCS location on site

  • Registration number

  • Registration details complete?

  • Registration details match with above? (Section 31 & Clause 11)

  • Commissioning date

  • Number of other WCS on site?

B. Audit Details (for WCS installed after 5 August 1995)

Compliance with Section 28 of the Public Health Act 2010

  • Was the installation carried out by a duly qualified person? (S28(2))

  • Installer details

  • Is the duly qualified person reasonably expected to be competent? (S26)

Compliance with Clause 6(2) Public Health Regulation 2012 and with AS/NZS 3666.1:2011

  • Easy and safe access? (Clause 7(3)) & (4.1.1)

  • Provision for maintenance? (4.1.2)

  • Automatically controlled continuous water treatment system? (4.1.3)

  • Materials for systems components compatible? (4.1.4)

  • Cooling tower design and materials? (4.1.5)

  • Ease of maintenance?

  • Tower fill removable for cleaning?

  • Internal surfaces smooth?

  • Drift eliminators installed and easy to inspect, clean and maintain?

  • No by-pass around drift eliminators?

  • No splash out?

  • Location (4.3) aimed away from possible human exposure?

  • Location (4.3) avoids contamination from exhaust discharges?

  • Solids control, (4.5) not located adjacent to fill point?

  • Sunlight excluded from wetted areas of tower? (4.6)

  • Comply with DA?

  • Commissioning - flushed and chemically cleaned? (4.7)

  • Operation manual provided on site? (4.7)

  • Maintenance manual provided on site? (4.7)

  • Manuals comply with AS/NZS 3666.2:2011? (Drawings, suppliers recommendations, cleaning and dismantling instructions, start up and shut down procedures, maintenance management program)

  • C. Recommendations

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