• Job (work being conducted)

1. Hot Work Area

  • Permits are in place

  • Flash back arresters on cylinders and hand pieces

  • All equipment is in good condition

  • Fire extinguishers are available at work area

  • Signage is in place and clearly visible

  • Welding screens are in good order

  • Flammable materials aren't present

  • Running water is available

  • Earth leads on welders are in good condition

  • Hand and power tools are in good condition

2. Electrical

  • Plugs, sockets and leads are all in good condition

  • Person/s working with electricity have been given adequate instruction, information and training

  • Light fittings are suitable for work area and protected

  • Portable electrical equipment protected by RCDs

  • Power points are located and installed safely

  • All equipment is tested and tagged correctly

  • Leads are off the ground

  • All power tools are fitted with dead man switches

3. General

  • Work area is clean and tidy

  • Access and egress to work area is clear

  • Waste is stored and removed correctly

  • Rubbish bins provided and used

  • Materials are neatly stacked

  • Sea containers are neat and tidy inside

  • KSC tool trailer is neat and tidy

4. Hydrocarbon and Hazardous Substances

  • All hydrocarbons are stored correctly

  • Correct use of chemicals and substances

  • Hazardous goods are stored correctly

  • Person/s using chemicals have been given adequate instruction, information and training

  • Bunds and bundled areas are being used

  • MSDSs and Register is updated and available

  • All containers have adequate labels

  • Decanted containers have name, risk and safety instructions on label

  • Risk assessments have been carried out for all hazardous substances stored at the workplace

  • Spill kits are available and in good condition

  • Adequate cylinder separation and support

5. Occupational Health

  • Dust levels are low and controlled

  • Noise levels are acceptable

  • First aid kits are available and stocked

  • Eye wash stations are present and maintained

  • Fitness for work checks are being conducted

  • Crib rooms and toilet facilities are clean and tidy

  • Potable water is available

  • Workplace first aid offices are present and known of

6. Vehicles and Mobile Equipment

  • Pre-start checks are being completed

  • Flashing lights and headlights are all working

  • Seat belts are in good condition

  • Windows are clean

  • Records of maintenance, etc. are all kept

  • Operators are 18 years and over

  • Operators are competent to use equipment

  • Operators have completed a VOC

  • Capacity charts and operators manuals are legible and as per the manufacturers specification

  • Work is organized for the safety of the operators and and others in the same work area

7. Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Floors are slip resistant

  • Floors and surfaces are level and stable

  • Walkways are free from hazards, leads, hoses, etc.

  • Guard rails or other safety guards are in place

  • Adequate lighting is present

  • Appropriate footwear is being worn

8. Corrective Actions

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9. Notes

10. Signatures

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