• Site conducted

  • Weekly Inspection

  • Inspected by

  • Date of inspection

PPE Visual Inspections

  • Any defects please make comments

  • I have done Daily inspections on all my PPE before use?

  • Inspection to my safety harness?

  • Inspection my pro absorber lanyard?

  • Inspection to the adjustable lanyard 1.2m?

  • Inspection to my adjustable lanyard 2m?

  • Inspection to my safety helmet & chin strap?

  • Inspection to my safety helmet torch / handheld torch?

  • Inspection to my ear protection?

  • Inspection to my safety boots?

  • Inspection to my safety glasses and goggles?

  • Inspection to my gloves?

  • Inspection to my hi-viz vest?

  • Inspection to my overhauls?

  • Inspection to my dust mask?

  • Is my first aid kit still present in your vehicle?

  • Any comments or additional PPE required? (Any defects must be stated here with an image, and a non conformance form must be completed. Please state what item the comment is about)

  • Any Images?

  • Any items failed then a non conformance form must be filled out and comments made. (Please ensure that a red tag is put on failed items)

Vehicle Visual Inspection

  • What is the vehicle reg?

  • I have done my vehicle inspection?

  • Check lights and indicators ?

  • Check brakes for operation, including handbrake?

  • Check steering?

  • Check suspension?

  • Check windscreen, wipers, & washers?

  • Check tyres?

  • Check oil level?

  • Check water level?

  • Is it clean and tidy?

  • Any additional bodywork damage?

  • Any Comments / defects found?

  • Add images

Tool visual inspections

  • All my power tools are in good working order and have been visually checked?

  • All my hand tools are in good working order?

  • Any Comments / defects Found?

  • Add images

Lifting equipment visual inspections

  • All my lifting equipment are in correct working order and have been checked? (And got correct colour code)

  • Any Comments / defects found?

  • Add images


  • I have done my daily and weekly PPE inspections including my vehicle inspection sheet.


  • Ideas to improve the company?

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