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  • MAR chart Start Date


  • Is there an up-to-date photo, list of allergies and details of special administration requirements?

  • Are all current prescribed medicines listed on the MAR chart? (Check against repeat list from GP surgery)

  • Have all handwritten entries or charts prepared within the care home, been checked for accuracy and signed by a second trained person? (ideally from a copy of a prescription, dispensing token, or labeled medicine)

  • Is the administration of all regular medication accounted for? (signatures confirmed administration code & no gaps for the regular medicines on the Mar chart)

  • Are medicines with a reduced expiry date after initial opening annotated with a date of opening? (e.g., eye drops, some liquidmedicines)

  • Is a pharmacy label attached to all prescribed medicines?(if on outer box only, ensure this is not disposed of)

  • Does the stock remaining tally with the quantity on the MAR chart(i.e., stock received + any stock remaining minus the quantity administered so far)


  • Action plan to be address issues identified in weekly medicine Checklist

  • Issue identified by audit

  • Action to be taken

  • By Whom

  • Date Completed

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