What type of check are you carrying out?

What is the vehicle mileage?

Is there any noticeable problems?

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Are all lights functioning correctly?

Are all tyres withing wear limits and no signs or punctures, slashes or uneven wear?

Is the exterior clean and dent free?

Are the number plates clean and visible?

Are fluid levels correct? (oil, coolant, brake fluid and screen wash)

Is the window screen in suitable condition?

Are the window wipers functioning correctly and clearing vision?

Are there any warning lights displayed?

Are there any noises or vibrations that are unusual?

Is the fuel card present and has any fuel receipts been handed in?

Is there a spare wheel present, fit for purpose and at correct pressure?

Is the engine oil at correct level?

Is the coolant level at correct level?

Is the Brake/ clutch fluid at correct level?

Is the power steering fluid at correct level?

Is the battery in suitable condition no signs or fluid leak and enough to run vehicle?

Is there any signs of oil/ water/ fluid leaks?