Title Page

  • Document Number

  • Date and Time

  • Conducted By

  • Department where the Weld is being conducted

Weld Procedure

  • Weld Number?

  • Weld Process?

  • Weld Set I/D?

  • WPS Number being used?

  • Welders Name?

  • Is Pre-Heat Required?

  • What is the Pre-Heat recorded Temperature (°c)?

  • Is the Weld Multi Run?

  • What is the Interpass recorded Temperature (°c)?

  • Consumable Used?

  • Consumable Size Ømm?

  • Consumable Batch Number?

  • Shield Gas Used?

  • Shield Gas Flow Rate (Ltrs/Min)?

  • Was there need for Weather Protection?

  • What Weather Protection was Used?

  • Are any special requirements stipulated on the WPS?

  • Are these requirements being met?

  • Why aren't the requirements being met?

Heat Input

  • What Amperage (A) are being used?

  • What Voltage (V) are being used?

  • What is the Length of the Weld Run (mm)?

  • How long did it take to complete the weld Run (Seconds)?

  • What is the Heat Input? - (A x V / Length / Time) x Efficiency (Efficiency TIG = 0.6 and MAG/MMA = 0.8)

Weld Inspection

  • Is the Cleaning and Shape of the Weld Run Acceptable?

  • What was the reason to reject the Weld Run?

  • Has Back Gouging been conducted?

  • Is the Back Gouging Acceptable?

  • What was the reason to reject the Back Gouging?

  • Have distortion control measures been used?

  • What control method has been used?

Equipment Inspection

  • Is the Weld set within Calibration?

  • Is the Voltmeter / Ammeter Working?

  • What is the issue?

  • Are cables and Hoses in good condition?

  • What is the issue?

  • Is the wire feed in good condition?

  • What is the issue?

  • Are Templestiks available / being used?

  • Why are they not being used?

Comments / Actions Required

  • Are there any other comments to make regarding the surveillance?

  • Please make any comments / suggestions

Is the Surveillance complete?

  • Have you completed the Surveillance?

Does the Surveillance meet the WPS requirements (To be completed by Simon Davies / Andrew Huddlestone)?

  • Has the WPS criteria been met?

  • Signed / Approved by

  • Approvers Position

  • Date of approval

  • Is the surveillance fully completed

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