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Plant Information

  • Scientific Name:

  • If Other, note Scientific Name below.

  • Common Name:

  • If Other, note Common Name below.

  • Date Planted:

  • If Other, note date below.

  • Number Planted:<br>Anise Hyssop - 12; Wild Columbine - 8; Butterfly Weed - 8; Smooth Blue Aster- 8; Side Oats Grama - 10; Lance Leaf Coreopsis - 10; Purple Prairie Clover - 10; Pale Purple Coneflower - 10; Prairie Blazing Star - 10; Wild Bergamot - 10; Grey-headed Cone Flower - 10; Sweet Black-eyed Susan - 10; Brown-eyed Susan - 12; Stiff Goldenrod - 12; Prairie Dropseed - 12

  • If Other, note number planted below.

  • Number Surviving:

  • Blooming?

  • Bloom Color: NA if not blooming

  • Height: (in inches) Please find the correct monitoring point for this plant (noted on a stake).

  • Pollinators present?

  • If Other, note pollinator type below.

  • Level of leaf damage:

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