• Project Name

  • Location
  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Company: Absolute Completions

  • Date

  • Project name:

  • Site location

Instructions: To be completed by supervisor prior to work beginning each day when off site. Email to


  • First Aider's identified and First Aid kit Available

  • Drinking water, Restroom facilities and Eye Wash Station available?

  • Muster location and Emergency procedures known?

  • MSDS available on site?


  • Weather Conditions

  • Extreme temperatures

  • Noise

  • Lighting

  • Wet / Slippery Surfaces

  • Work Area is Clean

  • Others Working in Area

  • Work being performed overhead? Potential Falling Objects?

  • Craning / Hoisting operations in progress

  • Power lines overhead?

  • Floor openings covered and marked?

  • Moving Vehicles / Equipment in the area

  • Corrective action required by General Contractor or other trades?

  • Photos of site conditions

Your working Conditions under your direct control

  • Are you working at heights or above a hazard (your feet 9' above the ground)?

  • Control: Fall protection plan and fall arrest training is required in order to proceed.

  • Are you avoiding over extension, prolonged motion, awkward body position, heavy lifting, tight area?

  • Control: Remember to stretch and return to your normal body posture to avoid injury.

  • Do you have only one emergency escape route? (working in Restricted / Confined Space Potential)

  • Control: Ensure you have more then one escape route for emergencies, and if this is not possible you may need to have a confided entry permit and training.

  • Working near energized / operating equipment?

  • Control: ensure operator is aware you are in the area and ask for an orientation from competent worker responsible for energized / operating equipment. Lockout procedure may be needed.

  • Tool Condition

  • Equipment Condition

  • PPE Condition

  • Training Required

  • Control: Ask for help and training from supervisor

  • Working Alone

  • Control: Working alone procedure must be used. Establish check in / call in frequency with supervisor and notify when completed.

  • Dust/ Gas/ Fumes/ Mist

  • Control: use exhaust / air exchange equipment and or respiratory protection

  • Flammables/ Explosives in Area

  • Control: reschedule work if possible or avoid sources of ignition.

  • Chemical Handling

  • Control: refer to MSDS for proper handling instructions, control measures and PPE required.

  • Other site hazards

  • Hazard
  • Task

  • Hazard

  • Control:

  • Enter any corrective actions necessary

  • Photos of Absolute hazards, if needed


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