• Is the use of DSE a requirement of your work on a daily basis?

  • Do you use the DSE for continuous or near continuous spells of an hour or more at a time?

  • Does the majority of your display screen work involve the use of a stand-alone portable laptop computer?


  • Is the screen located in front of you when using the equipment?

  • Is the top of the screen level with your eye level?

  • Can the screen be tilted and adjusted to a comfortable position?

  • Can the screen be made free of reflections from windows, overhead lighting, etc?

  • Please provide photographic evidence of the location of your screen and your work desk surroundings

Keyboard and Mouse

  • Can the keyboard be moved to a comfortable position in front of you?

  • Is there sufficient room in front of the keyboard to rest your wrists when not using the keyboard?

  • Are the keyboard symbols clear and legible?

  • Can you operate the mouse or trackball without reaching?

  • Can you operate the mouse or trackball with your hand and wrist resting on the desk?

  • Is there adequate space to manoeuvre the mouse?

  • Please share a photo of your work station as it would be whilst you are working.


  • Is the height of the chair adjustable?

  • Is the backrest adjustable for height and tilt?

  • Do you know how to adjust the height of the chair and or the backrest?

  • Is the chair fitted with arms?

  • If YES: When the chair is correctly adjusted do the arms of the chair come into contact with the desk? See section on Posture.

  • Please share photos of your work chair in your working position.


  • Is there adequate work surface to allow a flexible arrangement for the screen, keyboard and mouse operation?

  • Is there adequate knee room to obtain a comfortable position?


  • Is there adequate lighting?

  • Is there adequate humidity in the atmosphere?

  • Is the work arranged so that there are breaks away from the DSE?


  • When positioned to use the keyboard are your upper arms in line with your upper body?

  • With your fingers on the keys are your wrists straight?

  • When in this position is your back supported by the chair’s backrest?

  • When in this position do your feet rest comfortably on the floor without the seat digging into the back of your knees or thighs?

Eye test

  • Have you had your eyes tested for use with DSE?


  • Do you suffer from work related aches or pains in your: <br>Wrists<br>Forearms <br>Neck <br>Eyes<br>back

  • Please Exlpain

  • Have you ever suffered from epilepsy?

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