Corridors and floors

In good repair / carpet intact
Entry and walkways kept clear
Handrails safe with smooth surfaces
Corridors uncluttered with clear views
Exit doors clearly marked and open outwards



Good natural lighting or adequate illumination
No direct or reflected glare
Exit signs in place and operable
Night lights fitted in corridors where required



Lockable with controlled opening height / width
In good condition
Fly screens in good repair where installed



Adequate storage available
Storage designed to minimise manual handling eg: a) Light plant/goods stored at higher level than heaven item b) Frequently used items at lower levels
Materials / equipment is not stacked obstructing access
Shelves free of dust and rubbish
Safety steps provided for high storage


General Equipment

Adequate work space for equipment use
Instructions provided and accessible when required
Appropriately stored when not in use
In good repair and regularly maintained
Able to be adjusted for access / height if required



Power cords in good condition, not frayed or damaged
Power cords not obstructing walkways
No double adapters in use
All equipment tested and tagged
No damaged plugs, sockets or switches



Height adjustable
Fitted with brakes
Accommodate all lifting machines / tracking
Are able to be easily re-located
Are able to be fitted with cot sides where appropriate


Lifting Equipment

Brakes fitted and in working order
Wheels in good order
Machines have no oil leaks
Correct slings are available
All slings are in good condition


Bed Bath

Clean and well maintained
Brakes and hydraulics in good working order
Vinyl in good condition
Trolley corners have safe fittings


Oxygen Cylinders

Warning signs in place
Trolley available and used for transporting
Cylinder stabilisation available and used (straps/chains)
Empty cylinders stored separately and labelled
Sufficient supplies are available at all times
Replacement / changeover is prompt


Waste Disposal / Chemical Management

Safe and appropriate waste disposal systems in place for: a) general (paper etc) b) infectious c) sharps d) food
All waste containers available and emptied regularly
Recyclable waste is separated and managed appropriately
Appropriate colour-coded bags and containers are used for disposal
MSDS available for every chemical and available at point of use
Containment materials / spill kits available
PPE appropriate for task and available
Minimal supplies stored
Flammable agents stored in flameproof cupboard
Ventilation with extraction available at source


Environment and Staff Amenities

Is the temperature comfortable.
Signs are used to indicate wet areas
Washrooms and toilets are clean
Washrooms and toilets are well stocked with toilet paper / soap / hand towels
There are adequate hand washing facilities and / alcohol-based cleanser
First aid kit or access to medical attention is available


Office Areas

Noise levels acceptable
Chairs are in good condition and adjustable with controls in easy reach
Chairs with castors are on appropriate floor coverings eg. Vinyl, plastic floor mat
Foot support is available if required
Workstation is adjustable to meet individual needs eg. Monitor, desk, keyboard
Adequate space to work in
Variation occurs from keyboard duties

Fire and Emergency

Emergency evacuation plan displayed and current

Fire Orders displayed

Emergency Management box available, stocked and checked as scheduled

Are extinguishers in place and serviced - check 6 monthly "punch marks" on metal tab

Fire doors are clear of all obstructions

OH&S Policy and Representatives displayed

Speak to 3 staff - have they completed their fire & emergency e-learning?


Thank you for completing this inspection. Please email completed report to the Quality & Safety Manager

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.