Executive Summary

Main Findings
1. Local OHS Action Plans

1. Is there a current local OHS action plan for this area ? ( sight copy) (area to provide)

2. Are there documented controls for these risks in the plan

What are the main OHS risks in this area?

OHS risks

3. What other actions could be included in the plan?

Add risk controls as required


2. Consultation

2.1 Are elected Health and Safety Representatives in place?

2.2 Is the name of the HSR clearly displayed on a notice board etc (sight copy)

2.3. Are the HSRs trained (5 days and refresher)?

2.4 are there nominated management representatives for OHS issues

2.5 Do team meetings etc include OHS issues (sight copy) (area to provide)

3. OHS Committee

3.1 Is there a local OHS Committee

3.2 Are there minutes of the meetings

If there is no OHS Committee what are the comsultitative methods used?

4. Communication

4.1. Is there a health and safety notice board or folder? (Sight copy) (area to provide)

4.2 Is the information health and safety notice board or folder up to date?

4.3 Is the issue resolution procedure on the health and safety notice board or in the relevant OHS folder?

5. Training

5.1 Is there a local induction program that includes OHS aspects? (sight copy) (area to provide)

5.2 Records of local induction are maintained (sight induction records)

5.3 Has OHS training been provided for Senior, Line Managers and Team Leaders (sight copy) (area to provide)

What training should be conducted in the next 12 months for managers, supervisors and staff?

Add required training

6. Manual Handling - SmartMove!

6.1 Are manual handling hazards and risks reported? (Run RiskMan Report)

Manual handling tasks requiring assessment


7. Occupational Violence and Aggression

7.1 Are OVA hazards and risks reported? (Run RiskMan Report)

Task requiring assessment

Task description


8. Chemical Safety

8.1 Is there a register in this area for the chemicals used? (Sight copy)

8.2 Are there up to date Material Safety Data Sheets available in the register?

Chemicals that need risk assessments

9. Ligature Points
Ligature point location


Recommended action


10. Incident and Hazard Reporting

10.1 Are incidents in this area reported?

Reported Issues that have not been addressed

Issue Reported or included in action plan that requires assistance or further action


11. Work Cover / Return to Work

11.1 Is there an If you are injured poster displayed?

11.2 Have Managers and Supervisors attended Return to Work Training?

12. Workplace Inspections

12.1 Are workplace OHS inspections conducted? (sight copy)

12.2. Are the inspection reports submitted to the Director and copy to HSW?

12.3 The results of workplace inspections conducted are recorded on the local OHS Action Plan and acted on?

13. Post Incident Debriefings
Debriefing Issues


14. Code Black

14.1 Are staff aware of the available training?

14.2 Are staff aware of the procedures?


15. Needle Stick Injuries

15.1 Are staff aware of the available training?

15.2 Are staff aware of the procedures?


16. Fleet Vehicles

16.1 Are drivers orientated to vehicles

Have there been any serious incidents

Other Issues

Audit concluding comments
Concluding comments

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.