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Slips, Trips & Falls

  • Are floor surfaces free of water, ice, oil or other surface contaminants?

  • Are floor surfaces even? (no loose tiles or carpet that is torn or has ridges or holes)

  • Are walkways, stairs and doorways clear of boxes, extension cords and litter?

  • Are spills cleaned up immediately?

  • Are stairs and ladders safe for use and structurally sound?

  • Are work areas, walkways and stairs well lit?

  • Does the lighting enable workers to move between indoor and outdoor tasks safely?

Emergency Procedures

  • Are emergency procedures displayed in the workplace?

  • Are emergency evacuation routes and emergency exit doors signposted and clear from obstructions?

  • Are fire extinguishers available and checked six monthly?

  • Are NO SMOKING signs posted and enforced where needed?


  • Are all chemicals clearly labelled?

  • Is a MSDS available and current (within 5 years) for all products?

  • Are the chemicals recorded on the Hazardous Substance Register?

  • Are proper storage practices being observed?

Machinery & Equipment

  • Are machine guards in place on all operating equipment?

  • Are Emergency Stop Buttons clearly visible, adequately signed and operational?

  • Are tools and equipment stored in their proper places?

  • Is equipment regularly inspected for damage and wear, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers instructions?

Manual Handling

  • Can all materials and equipment be lifted and carried easily?

  • Are mechanical aids such as trolleys, jacks or hoists available?

  • Are work benches at a comfortable height?

  • Is office equipment (chairs, computer screens, desk lamps, etc) adjustable to avoid strain?

Housekeeping, Sanitation & General

  • Regular disposal of waste and trash?

  • Passageways and Walkways clear?

  • Sanitary facilities adequate and clean?

  • Drinking water available?

First Aid

  • First Aid Kit / Room available?

  • First Aid supplies are in date?

  • Fist Aid Personnel are trained, certified and listed?

  • Telephone number and location of nearest hospital and doctor provided?

  • First Aid record book is attached to each kit?

Electrical Installations

  • Isolation systems in place?

  • Provision of earth leakage circuit breaker protection?

  • Electrical leads and tools tested and tagged (3 monthly inspection)?

  • Electrical leads elevated off floor to remove tripping and damage risk?

  • Switchboards and electrical equipment in a safe condition?

  • Portable electrical equipment protected by safety switches / residual current devices?

Welding and Cutting

  • Are welding screens and shields available?

  • Equipment is in good condition?

  • Flammable materials are protected from heat and sparks?

  • Gas cylinders are chained upright?

Mechanical Lifting Equipment

  • Lifting equipment properly stored and in good order?

  • Inspections and tags are current?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Appropriate PPE is available for all task requirements?

  • Maintained and in good repair?

  • Adequate signposting identifying hazardous areas requiring specific PPE?

  • PPE is being worn correctly?

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