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  • Daily LV Workshop Inspection

  • Rio Tinto / Hope Downs 1

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  • Personnel

Office space

  • Walkway is clear, free of obstructions

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Work environment

  • Hand wash facilities stocked, clean and functional

  • Inspect bays for housekeeping/oil spills

  • Inspect walkways clear, free of obstructions/oil spills

  • Emergency, warning, safety & hazard signage in place & visible

  • Barricading in place for high risk work areas

  • Toolbox storage area is clean and tidy

  • Lube stations are clean and tidy with no leaks

  • Hoists in a good, clean safe condition with SWL's labelled clearly

  • Air reels in a good, clean safe condition

  • All parts neatly arranged at drop point, no outstanding returns

  • Lighting is in good condition & sufficient for work performed

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Park up area's

  • Vehicle and trailers fundamentally stable

  • Inspect the area for housekeeping/oil spills

  • Road condition smooth & safe for vehicle/pedestrian access

  • Correct L/V area signage in place and visible

  • Area barricading tape, gates and fencing in good condition

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  • Jacks, stands, ladders, trolleys, creepers and steps in storage areas have current inspections and are in good, clean safe condition with relevant SWL's labelled clearly

  • Inspect lifting equipment in good condition & has current inspection tag with relevant SWL's clearly labelled

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Waste Storage

  • Sufficient waste bins provided

  • Waste bins labelled

  • Waste segregated

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Chemical/Hazardous materials

  • Chemicals stored correctly

  • Chemicals labelled to standard (Not stored in unmarked containers)

  • MSDS information accessible & up to date

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L/V Ute & Service Trailer

  • Ute interior/Tray free of rubbish and in a clean state

  • Check LV prestarts completed for assigned vehicles/condition matches

  • Service trailer in safe, clean good for work condition

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L/V wash pad

  • Wash down pad is clean free of debris/rubbish/oil spills

  • Wash pad water jets in a safe operational state

  • Bins in area are not overful

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