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  • Daily Dome Workshop Inspection

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Daily Dome Workshop Inspection

  • Inspection Procedure

    At the commencement of each shift, inspections must be completed by a Section 44 Appointed Person. They must not be delegated to non-Section 44 appointed persons.
    Personnel conducting inspections must ensure:
    • inspection sheets are appropriately completed
    • all actions are prioritised and completed as required, with actions ticked off in the ‘corrected’ column – the inspection can also be used as a supervisor’s to-do list
    • copies are to be emailed to the Maintenance Administrator by 4:00pm/4:00am – they will enter all actions not completed during the shift into the InControl (INX) database, and are responsible for maintaining and monitoring INX actions and maintaining inspection records
    • along with non-compliance, positive recognition of work areas is also documented in inspections, e.g. workshop bays in good condition.
    During handovers, the incoming Section 44 Appointed Supervisor must:
    • review inspection from previous shift to identify any outstanding actions that have not been completed and carried over to their shift
    • acknowledge they have reviewed the previous shift’s inspection by signing off in the previous inspection
    In some situations, an action may not be rectified for a period of time, such as a blown light. If so, only ONE entry for the same action is to be entered into INX.


  • Has the previous inspection been reviewed, and have the outstanding actions been acknowledged/actioned?


  • Dome Workshop

  • Dome Workshop
  • Is vehicle access unobstructed?

  • Are all Light Vehicles parked in designated car parking bays?

  • Is housekeeping maintained to a high standard? Floors are clear of dirt, debris, parts, and spills (diesel/oils)?

  • Are walkways clear of hoses, cables and other obstructions?

  • Benches, adequate area and clean for work?

  • Are tools stored correctly; in good condition? e.g. guarding in place; saws, grinders and presses<br>

  • Is jacking being conducted in designated areas?

  • Is tool box storage area clean and tidy in order and free of trip hazards?

  • Is all fire equipment in place, accessible? 1m clearance.

  • Are the emergency eyewash stations, accessible and clean?

  • Oil dispensing stations are clean and all dry break fittings are fitted?

  • Are all cylinders secured and are flash back arrestors fitted to all cylinders and hand pieces where required?

  • Are spill kits stocked appropriately and accessible?

  • Are hydrocarbon and waste bins available, do they require emptying?

  • Is the main yard free from spills, rubbish and does it require grading?

  • Are first aid kits accessible?

Sign Off

  • To be signed off by the Sec 44 Supervisor completing the inspection.

  • To be signed off by Superintendent.

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