• Client / Site / Car Park Number

  • Property inspection conducted on

  • WPA Representative

  • Client Representative

Ad Hoc Car Park Inspection

New Machine Location

  • Machine Location

  • Machine Location
  • Machine Location Identifier eg car park 1, entry, services building

Pay and Display Car Park Inspection

  • Consider:
    Solar Panel (north facing)
    LED panel not to face into morning or afternoon sun
    Access to machine vault
    Trees building shade or other obstructions for solar panel
    Access to Electricity
    Access to machine electronics

  • Type of PnD

  • Photograph of Machine Location

  • Machine Location GPS Coordinates
  • Sketch Map of Location include location of machine front

  • Is WPA responsible for the machine foundation ?

  • Existing Machine Foundation Surface

  • Surface?

  • Mounting Frame

  • Mounting Information

Site Requirements / General Comments / Other Identified Issues

  • Is the client aware of any services in the area ?

  • Detail services in area

  • Photos of apparent Services

  • Sketch of Apparent Services in Area and approx direction To be confirmed by client plans and or Dial beforeYou Dig

  • Is a white card or other construction card required for access to the site ?

  • Is an induction required

  • Location / Time of Induction

  • Contact Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • Any additional Observations?

  • Additional Information
  • Add Additional Information ie. Client Concerns WPA Concerns

  • Add any additional Photos

Survey Completion Information

  • Name and Signature of WPA employee

  • Date and Time

  • Name and Signature of Client Representative

  • Date and Time

  • Note that this document is intended to detail machine locations for the car park noted.
    If you require changes to the location after this document has been signed please advise your WPA representative ASAP.

    If changes are made after orders have been placed variation costs may be passed on.

    WPA may encounter circumstances on site that requires the relocation of the machine, we undertake to advise you as soon as possible of the proposed change and the impact it may have on the costs.

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