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  • Attendant Vigilance Evaluation: 服务人员警觉性评估标准:

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Attendant Vigilance Evaluation Criteria

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  • Date: 日期:

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  • Evaluation completed by: 评估人:

  • Attendant displayed attentiveness to the dispatch area (TRIGGER CRITERION) - monitoring riders during loading, dispatching and exit of dispatch area into the ride 服务人员表现出对发车区域的专注(触发条件)监控游客从上浮圈、发车到进入滑道的整个过程

  • Attendant consistently screened riders. Enforces rider requirements (TRIGGER CRITERION) 服务人员不断监控游客,迫使游客符合滑行规范(触发条件)

  • Attendant consistently used rider instruction spiel (TRIGGER CRITERION) 服务人员不断跟游客讲述滑行规范

  • Attendant clearly identifiable and visible and exhibited professional behaviour and demeanour 服务人员处于显眼位置并能够清楚被辨识,并且体现出专业的操作和姿势

  • Attendant addressed environmental concerns 服务人员处理环境问题

  • Attendant has immediate access to a communication device 服务人员可以快速找到通讯设备

  • Attendant performed rider load assist 服务人员协助游客上浮圈

  • Attendant exhibited rotation without loss of eye contact 服务人员换班过程中始终注视着游客

  • Attendant utlised dispatch equipment/process (light systems/control panels/manual) 服务人员使用发车装置/过程(灯光系统/控制面板/人为信号)

  • Attendant effectively managed tower top platform/queue lines 服务人员有效组织好塔台/排队

  • Attendant completed the correct rotation procedure (observed the last dispatched riders/tube - ensured the ride was clear before completing rotation) 服务人员完成正确的换班程序(观察最后一个已发车的游客/浮圈—完成换班前确保滑道无人)

  • Team Member acknowledged and understands evaluation result 员工确认并理解评估结果

  • Supervisor/Area Coordinator Signature

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