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  • Does the unit have a Policy statement? If yes is it signed and current for the year and CO?

  • What safety directives has the unit issued if any?

  • Are the references appropriate and current?

  • Does the Unit disseminate the safety policy and directives for all unit personnel to have access to?

  • Is the unit displaying the CA WHS policy and Comd 1 Bde Safety Policy for all unit personnel to have access to?

Unit hazard identification, hazard/risk assessment and control of hazards/risks

  • Does the unit have a centralised hazard register that all subunit safety appointments have access to?

  • Has the unit identified the hazards relevant to their location, role, mission, task?<br>ie workshop hazards<br>office space hazards and equipment<br>A vehicle and pedestrians in the same space<br>loud noise areas etc

  • Does the unit develop corrective action plans to address hazards?<br><br>Should be recorded in objective.<br>can be on the same spreadsheet as the hazard register

  • Who is responsible for the actioning and closure of each corrective action plan?

  • Do the corrective actions incorporate the hierarchy of controls?<br><br>Elimination<br>substitution<br>engineering<br>administrative<br>PPE

  • How does the unit conduct WHS risk assessments?

  • What evidence did the unit provide to support the conduct of WHS based risk assessment?

  • Where does the unit store records of its risk assessments?

  • Are the risk assessments reviewed annually?

  • What are the unit triggers for conducting an out of session review/risk assessment?

  • Has the Unit identified areas or equipment that pose a risk of Falls from height to workers and are appropriate mitigating strategies currently in place and being effectively employed

  • Does the unit have a WHS inspection schedule/plan?<br><br>needs to include HAZCHEM inspections.

  • Where are the Results of the inspection recorded?

  • Who monitors that all shortfalls identified during the unit inspections are addressed?

  • Who conducts the inspections?

  • List other personnel conducting inspections

Legal and other requirements

  • Is the inspection regime promulgated throughout the unit?

  • Provide examples of where the inspection regime is displayed.

  • Does the unit have a WHS risk assessment procedure?<br>ie large complex activities use full MRM<br>small simple activities - RAS tool<br>JSA<br>Lesson plans

  • Rate the quality of risk assessments conducted by the unit

  • Does the unit conduct HAZCHEM risk assessments IAW CA Dir 38/13 HAZCHEM RM Procedure?

  • Does the unit have a HAZCHEM storage plan, site storege map and emergency response plan?<br><br>Must comply with FORCOMD stock holding policy and Defence HC instructions.

  • Does the unit use the product SDS to help develop the storage plan?

  • Is the unit holding Placard or Manifest levels of HAZCHEM?

  • Has unit submitted the formal minute to Bde WHS Cell to obtain formal authority to hold greater than minor quantities of HAZCHEM in the unit? What is the max level of holdings of a HAZCHEM item that the unit is holding? Placard level - Comd 1 Bde approval Manifest - Comd FORCOMD approval

Unit Control measures/ operational control measures

  • Does all unit plant equipment have a relevant Order, Instruction or Publication for its use?

  • Has JSA been conducted for the equipment/task and has a SWP been developed?

  • Are unit developed SWP endorsed by key staff and SMEs?

  • How often are SWPs reviewed?

  • Are there additional triggers to prompt review of SWPs?

Emergency preparedness and responsiveness

  • Does the unit have updated emergency response procedures displayed around the unit?<br><br>ie ECO, ERP, BERP information

  • Does the units emergency response plan align to the base ERP?

  • Does the unit keep emergency response training records? if so where are they stored?<br><br>ie Objective, G Drive etc

  • What type of emergency response drills has the unit conducted

Incident Management

  • Does the unit track Sentinel reported incidents and demonstrate a process of corrective actions and present this information to the CO on a regular basis.<br><br>ie through WHS meeting

  • Does the unit have an SOP or directive on how to handle critical incidents in barracks and in the field?

  • Is the unit aware of the need to preserve incident sites and if so what are the prescribed SOPs for this action?

  • Does the unit understand how to and have they provided direction for the handling of notifiable incidents? ie notifiable to COMCARE.

  • Describe how the unit handles safety incident corrective actions?

First Aid

  • Has the unit appointed First aid attendant in unit ROs?

  • Have the First aid attendants received first aid Training, either Military or St Johns ambulance based?

  • Have the unit wall mounted first aid kits been inspected on a regular basis?

  • Are section first aid kits maintained and inspected regularly?

  • Do wall mounted FAKs have a usage log?

  • Are First aid attendants assigned responsibility for the various first aid kits within the unit?

  • Does the unit display the details of the First aid attendants?

  • Does the unit make contact with local health facility (RHC) aware of its activities, training exercises or high risk work?


  • List the registers the unit is maintaining?

Health surveillance/monitoring

  • Does the unit conduct work that requires health surveillance/monitoring?<br>ie Noise areas over 85db /8hr working day<br>Atmospherics (particulates/gases/vapours/UV/Temperature)<br>Over pressure wave (Artillery)<br>Explosive breaching<br>HAZCHEM exposure of known carcinogens

  • How does the unit engage subject matter expertise for heath surveillance/monitoring?

  • Does the unit generally have a good understanding and setup for work station ergonomics?

  • Where does the unit record its health surveillance /monitoring records?

  • How often are the records reviewed? (should be min of annually)

Consultation, communication and reporting - WHS Committee

  • Does the CO chair the Unit WHS committee?

  • Does the unit WHS Committee meet at least four times per year?

  • Are the unit WHS Committee's Terms Of Reference IAW FCSIs?

  • Are the WHS meeting agenda items promulgated at least 14 days prior to the meeting?

  • Are the WHS committee meeting minutes endorsed by the CO?

  • How are the WHS Committee meeting minutes promulgated in the Unit?

  • Does the unit archive meeting minutes in Objective?

  • Is it evident that the unit WHS committees are closing off action items from previous meetings?

  • Does the CO attend the Unit level WHS meeting?<br>(check minutes for attendance)

  • Does the Unit have a Defence Working Group established with an elected HSR?

Notice boards

  • Do all Unit notice boards conform to a standard Unit layout which is IAW the guidance in FCSIs?

  • Does the notice board only contain safety information

  • Is the notice board information current and up to date?

  • Are the notice boards in appropriate locations?

  • Is the Unit using SharePoint to display the majority of WHS information?

WHS Signage

  • Are specific safety areas appropriatley signed?<br><br>ie Laser safety, RADHAZ, HAZCHEM, Noise, PPE, fire exits, fire extinguishers etc

High Risk Work

  • List which High Risk Work activities are conducted at the Unit in Barracks and in the field.

  • Are all workers tasked with HRW activities licensed? <br>

  • Are all licenses current and recorded on a Unit register?

Communication - Individual workers

  • Are all workers made aware of their responsibilities to:<br>take reasonable care of their own health and safety, and to take reasonable care that their own acts and omissions doe not adversely affect te health and safety of others at work?

Training and Competency - Other risks

  • Does the unit have personnel tasked with demolition activities and are their qualifications current?

  • Does the Unit conduct regular reviews of its workers drivers licenses and transportation codes for currency?

  • Is the unit keeping a license register?

  • Does the unit have any personnel qualified and tasked with construction activities?

  • Do the construction qualified personnel have a valid white card?

Area walk through

  • Is the general Unit area free from clutter and trip hazards?

  • Do the unit personnel have a generally positive safety culture?

  • Is the unit maintaining good house keeping practices?<br>ie tidy work area, PPE available, exits not blocked, facilities being maintained, no evidence of oily rags being piled up etc.

  • Is the Unit storing chemicals in the correct storage lockers and IAW 1 Bde direction?

Final comments and sign off

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